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a good canned kitten food?

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What are some good brands of canned kitten food? I think when moe and neo were babies they would only eat authority or sophista cat. They wouldn't touch any of the other foods. The kittens are starting to sniff and lick the dry kitten food, so i wanted to get them some canned food.
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is pet gold kitten good? it is on sale at petco and says it is a super premium food


what do you think?
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Ohh I wish I had my canned food chart completed (this darn thing is taking so long, when companies like Fancy Feast make 30 different flavors, hahah.)

Few guidelines to make this easier for you.

1.) It's better to get a canned food that starts with a meat, not broth, or water (water sufficiant for packaging.)
2.) To add to that, it's better to pick a food with animal broth instead of water.
3.) It's better for it to contain real meat such as chicken, lamb, etc. Or meals such as chicken meal and lamb meal. What you want to try and avoid is anything with the word by-product or by-product meal.

It's an ok food, no by-products so it could be a lot worse. If it's on sale go for it. If your cats like Authority go back to that.

One's I would also consider (or might be better from petco)
Natural Balance***
Nutro Maxx
Wysong (all meat canned diet)
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Nutro Natural Choice or Nutro Maxx Cat!!!!!!

I like Nutro a lot. If anyone has a Pet Supplies Plus and uses Nutro Natural Choice...this week they have a sale. Buy and 8lb bag of Natural Choice and get 6 pouches of Natural CHoice soft food free!!!!! That's great I think!!!
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The Felidae (canned or dry) is good, and approved for cats of all ages. We used to feed Hill's canned kitten food, too.
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I have to agree with Nutro. We are using Nutro Max Cat kitten. My kittens love it so much! I use the chicken and liver. I have never had a kitten not like it.
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I think i'll try the nutro max kitten. I remember now when moe and neo were babies they ate eukanbue (spelling??? ) dry food and petsmart brand (I think sophista cat) canned food. I think that is why they are so HUGE I want to make sure these babies have really good food so they can get big too!
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Val, Nutro also has a moist food in small pouches, one of which is for kittens. I got some of the adult cat ones for my gang and they devoured it like it was tuna! It's really cheap, Petco has them for about 50 cents a pouch.

As for canned food, mine only eat dry, so I wouldn't know what to recommend. They get the Nutro moist as a treat instead of tuna.
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I use Nutro Maxx kitten canned food, thats what I started mine on from the beginning, I also tried Authority kitten food, the chicken and rice one, he likes it too, but overall from reading the ingredients I like the nutro best.
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We have tried the pouch food too. The food seems to be a bit big for kittens even if it is labled for kittens. The Max Cat Kitten is a kitten food. Max Cat is just the brand name not meaning it is not kitten food. It says right on it kitten.
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I've had some kittens on the wiska's pouched food (I don't know if the nutro is similar size) but they did just fine on it, no problems here.
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I use Authority kitten food here...
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