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Is his mind going?

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I've been really worried about Popsie lately. I think he's starting to get really senile. Sometimes he acts like he doesn't know what he's doing or what he wants to do for that matter. He gets real spaced out and he's pooed in the bed a couple of times. Does this sound like cognitive failure?
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Pooping on the bed sounds like it could be a medical problem. Has he been to the vet recently? Sometimes they are trying to give you a message that something's not right.
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The cat I watch has diabetes and gets this way when he has seizures. Definately time for a vet visit right away!
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It could be a cognitive disorder. The pooping could be medical too--constipation perhaps? My Odo definitely has some cognitive issues and at least some vision loss as well. It's not easy to know how many of his problems are due to cognitive issues versus vision. Staring into space can be due to either one. With Odo, he doesn't have any problems using the litterbox, but sometimes he will sit in it for a while like he has forgotten where he is. When that happens, he's not squatting (so he's not showing signs of blockage or constipation) but he just sits there. Sometimes he meows too, like he's lost and doesn't remember where he is supposed to go next. I'll call him, and he'll regain a sense of direction and come out. It's hard to see our babies so confused, but in Odo's case, he still seems very happy most of the time (or at least happy for him--he's always been a bit of a stress case).

I'd suggest having Popsie checked for arthritis the next time you go to the vet. Pooping on the bed could potentially be him seeking a softer surface. There are supplements and pain medicines that can relieve some of the arthritis symptoms (Odo takes Tramadol) and ease movement.
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