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How old for puppies?

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I know for kittens the "standard" of 8 weeks is really way too young, but I have no idea about the right age for puppies to leave mama.

The reason I ask is that Earl's boss got a Corgi pup over the weekend who s only 6 weeks old. Cute as the dickins, to be sure, but I wonder about the quality of the "breeder" she got him.
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Most "breeders" in the paper here sell puppies from 6-8 weeks old...mostly 6 weeks...that is just after weaning and just when they're really starting to socialize, etc. I know that most reputable breeder's websites that I've been on (i.e. they don't sell to the paper, show the dogs or work them, etc.) are 8-10 weeks old when they leave. For "toy" breeds it's usually longer, as the breeder doesn't want the teeny tiny puppies to get injured, at least 10 weeks.

I'd say no earlier than 8 weeks (if I was looking at a puppy) as my family currently has a dog that we got at ~6.5 weeks old and he has never done well with other dogs, socially.

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Large breeds usually about 8 weeks ( mommy starts weaning 4-5 )

medium breeds 8-12 weeks the longer is better

small breeds breeds 10-12 some will keep till 16 for social skills

there is NO set time ... but the above are from a variety of IMHO good breeders
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We got Snickers (choc lab) at 6 weeks and I thought it was pretty young too. After reading, her size breed should have stayed with mom until 8-10 wks. But, she's grown up to be a wonderful friendly dog with both humans and other dogs (and cats) so I don't think it hurt her any.
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I got Izzy at 12 weeks (OK - 13, the person I got her from got her at 12 weeks). Holy terror doesn't begin to describe her! So staying with a breeder who has too many other dogs until 12 weeks did not benefit her. What I consider acceptible is 8-10 weeks, but it wholly depends on the individual puppy.
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When researching getting a puppy, I read 6 - 8 weeks (I was getting a lab) because they need to imprint on people, rather than their mother. Alpha Dog and all that. We got Shadow at 7 weeks, and he did quite well. JD was about 8 weeks old, and he was great too (except for the potty training, and that's not really an age thing, it's a breed thing.)
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6 weeks is too young. There is a critical period at 6-8 weeks where they learn from their littermates and mother what is proper dog behavior. If they are taken away it can cause problems for them learning to socialize with other dogs and humans. Too late is also not good because they miss the window of opportunity learning to bond with a human if they are "too old."

I find these links helpful in understanding puppy development.
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I think 8-12 weeks is better. At the shelter where I work we will NOT adopt out pups no later than 8-12 weeks to make sure they are healthy and everything.

Rescues or shelters who adopt out at 6 weeks, it's not good for the dogs plus it's irresponsible. And "breeders" who adopt out at 6 weeks especially BYBS it just seems if they sell them that young want their money faster.

A responsible breeder would sell the pups out at 8 weeks or more, but that's just me.

plus if they aren't fixed are only adding to the pet overpopulation problem because most of the time spay & neuter contracts do not get abided by at shelters and rescues.

We got Rudy at 6 weeks he was a rescue but we didn't intend to get him that young. This lady gave him to us (my family not the shelter) because her mom went to jail and the little kids weren't being friendly to him.

He has some aggression issues that we work on. He's 9 months old now. They younger they are IMO they are more prone to be aggressive later in life. No matter what, I think 8-12 weeks is ideal to stay with the mom even 8 weeks is good.

But if there's not a mom, there's nothing you can do about it if you have to bottle feed them.

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Originally Posted by 2dogmom View Post
6 weeks is too young. There is a critical period at 6-8 weeks where they learn from their littermates and mother what is proper dog behavior.
It is against the law in some states to sell a puppy under 8 weeks for a very good reason.
I would not recommend sending them home before then.
And I would never buy from a breeder (pet shop, puppy mill, backyard breeder) that sent their puppies home at 6 or 7 weeks and encourage others not to either.
8 weeks in the absolute minimum. Many responsible breeders keep their puppies longer than the bare minimum, especially in the smaller breeds.
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Gosh. I do animal rescue. I have since I was just young (drove my parents up the walls) I just recently opened up to cats. (I am allergic but I he learned to deal with it) I have always done dogs.

Personally I would have to agree with the general opinion, I think a dog shouldnt be allowed to be adopted untill 8 weeks. though I have seen better results in the dogs I have rehomed 10 weeks and up. They learn alot of skills and such form their mom. Just like any other animal they need the time to be taught by their mom. It gives them confidance, an extra boost in life.

Its so cool to watch a momma dog teach her babies.

I think BRBs and puppymills dont really care about the well being of the dogs... younger = SMALLER...And Smaller= more of a chance for the $$$$$

everyone just loves the cute lil ones... *shakes head*
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when I bought my Toy Pomeranian Sophie, the breeder would not let her go before 10 weeks. She began bringing her for visits at 6 weeks. I just bought A maltese x poodle Macie she was almost 8 weeks.
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Originally Posted by naturesgift View Post

everyone just loves the cute lil ones... *shakes head*
That is a really good point! The smaller the cuter - hadn't thought of that.

(I do want to point out that my dogs were rescue, AND neutered.)
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Many breeders, even ones who really do care for their dogs, will let puppies go ay 6-8 weeks; I prefer puppies to stay with mom 8-10 weeks though.
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8 weeks is standard in most clubs code of ethics over here, and some states it's against the law to let them go before 8 weeks.
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Thanks y'all. That's what I thought, but I didn't want to get my cat-sense confused with dog-sense.
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