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Simon's Cat

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I am quite sure that many, if not all of you, are familiar with Simon's cat......

It just makes me laugh out loud and is worth watching again as its cold and miserable outside and it cheers me up.


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I've seen the Wake Up one and Let Me In... but TV Dinner has JoJo written ALL over it... OMG... that bit where the cat gets in his face and he can't see the screen... that's her... to a T.

makes me glad I'm not alone in the world... I know others have cats as demanding as mine.

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I lovwe Simon's cat! His kitty is so much like mine. I love when he is sleeping and his kitty is trying to wake him up that one is my cats for sure.
I had not seen TV Dinner before and I wasi dieing laughing I can't get up for 3 sec. with out a cat getting in my spot and giving me this look like what? I was here the eniter time.
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I don't know how he did it - but he captured Tolly to a T!!! The TV dinner cartoon is hilarious

Simon's Cat is just one of those cartoons where you can't help but to laugh out loud!
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I love Simons Cat!
He needs to make lots more though
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