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Paper Problems. . .

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I recently brought two cats into my program. I've had the cats since mid-September. As of today, I've still not seen the contract or the registration papers for these cats. One of the cats was a female in heat, and their breeder (who was in contact with me at the time) advised I breed her. She's due at the beginning of December. I co-own these cats with our current BCS.

I can't reach their breeder--email, phone, you name it. I've been trying for weeks, and now I'm starting to panic. The female's due date is approaching, and I don't want to be stuck with kittens I cannot register. I know if I don't get the papers, I will have to speuter everybody and pet them out to new homes. I don't want to have to do that, but do I have any other options?
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Where did you get them from? Out of state, out of country? What other papers do you have with them? I would contact CFA and talk to them and see what can be done.

How far away is the breeder? Is there any way you can physically go to the breeder's house?
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I don't have a clue. This would be a good question for the CFA yahoo list.
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The breeder is out of state and basically on the other side of the country. So there is no way for me to actually go to their place. Trust me, I would have been pounding on their door by now!

I am reluctant to post anything to the CFA list as I suspect it will inspire more speculation about the breeder's identity than actual problem solving.

I have no papers for the cats. Just the airbill, state vet issued statement of health, and the various emails back and forth between myself and the breeder.

I'll give Central Office a call. I'd at least like to check to see if they are really registered.
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I'm on the other side of the continent.. I'll go bang on a door (=

Hope it works out.
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I called Central Office, and this is what I have been instructed to do--just in case anybody else on TCS has the same problem!

I must stop all emails and phone calls. I must sent a certified letter with a return receipt stating that I did my part in good faith. It does not need to be long. I must send photocopies of everything that proves my ownership (cancelled checks, emails, ect). I must give the breeder a certain amount of time to come through with their part of our agreement (eg: 30 days) after which I will contact a lawyer and file a protest with CFA.

Apparently this is enough to get most people off their duffs

I suppose its better to learn the process sooner rather than later in my breeding career. . .
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Bottom line is will you be able to register these kittens. I hope the breeder will get things to you by end of November.
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I hope it works out ok!

We are in the same boat, whats so hard about mailing papers?!
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