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I have deep blue eyes that have a touch of grey in them when im tired, get the grey from my dad as his eyes arnt true blue
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Most people think my eyes are brown, but they're actually hazel....brown with green rings around the iris. They're a perfect blend of my parents. My mom has dark brown, almost black eyes, and my dad has gorgeous, vivid green eyes.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Pretty Ojos for both!
...Awe!... thanks for your compliment!...

Milky send you a headbutt!..
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Mine are hazel. They usually look greenish/brown most of the time, but when I cry or I'm in a ton of sunlight, they turn emerald green.
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Mine are blue, but they occasionally look green. If I look really closely I can see flecks of just about every color in them.

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Hazel. They were brown as a child, but then they became more hazel as an adult (sometimes they look more green). My hubby has the prettiest shade of brown eyes.
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Hazel/light brown, depending on the light.
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Green for me!
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Baltic Amber
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blue/green we are all related!!
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Light brown or hazel
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A sort of emerald green, with flecks of yellow and sky blue.

This reminded me of an online test I once took (to determine what color eyes your baby would have--you inputed not only the baby*s dad*s coloring and yours, but also your parents* eye colors--and the test said it was impossible for me to have green eyes with my parentage! My Mom has blue eyes, and so did My Dad, yet my brother has brownish-green eyes; the other 2 brothers have blue eyes. there something Mom is not telling my bro and I???)
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Blue with gold ring/green flecks, but sometimes they look almost hazel depending on the light. They change
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Very Brown, almost black.
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One Blue and one Brown
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Brown. Means I'm full of....
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
One Blue and one Brown
Do you really have heterochromia? It's supposed to be rather rare

Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
blue/green we are all related!!
Blue and green are common colors for those of northern and central European decent. So it's not really surprising that a lot of us (seeing as we're mostly North American, UK, and European posters) have these eye colors even though they're supposed to be less common then brown.
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