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My hubby saved a kitten today

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My hubby heard little meows at work, at first the thought he was hearing things because he hears meows all day at home but he decided to try to find it. So he had to climb allllll the way up about 20 feet and saw this thing on a board that was about to fall off the back of the shelf and inside a wall!!! There would have been no way to get into the wall. So he reached in and didn't know what he was going to pull out!! He felt something furry and grapped it. It was a 5-6 week old kitten!!! It has long hair and is all gray. He said it is one of the cutest little babies he ever saw!! So everyone at work thinks his a hero! One of the girls in the office is buying a house in two weeks and has always wanted a long hair gray kitty. So he gave it to her (he knows better then to bring it home...i see kitty, i fall in love with kitty, and then kitty stays here ) I'm so proud of him!!
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Awwww! What a cute story! He gets props for that one! LOL That's so sweet!
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Wow -- that's great! But I wonder what it was doing there and where it's mama was??
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I wonder where the rest of the litter was! He said he has seen the mom off and on but he hasn't seen her in over a week, and he didn't know she had a litter. So i guess this little kitty was living off of crumbs! Poor little thing! He is trying to talk his boss in to trapping them and getting them fixed, but I don't know if he is going to go for it.
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I am proud of him to! That is such a sweet story! It is so good to hear happy endings for a lost kitty! I hope it didn´t have any siblings that are still in trouble, and that the mummy is also ok.

My oncle one found a very young kitten at work when he was a teenager and was working part time in fish factory (well we call it "a freezer house, it´s where they cut the fish, take the bones out, package it for consumers etc...) and it was very week and cold and hungy. My mum fed it with a seringe every 2 hours and the poor thing was alway somewhat ill, had cold, watery eyes etc... But he became my grannies youngest child! And my first cats best friend!
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Kudos to your hubby!!!
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another funny side note: He went to wawa to pick up some canned food for the kitten and he asked for a fork and knife he said the cashier gave him a really weird look!!! so the cashier must have thought he was going to eat the food poor dh, i turned him into and animal lover!
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Aww, Val, that is so wonderful!!! What a hero!
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A fork and knife! Hehe! I laughed out loud when I read that!
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That is so nice of your husband. We are all very proud of him too. He'll have to keep an ear out to see if the other kitties fell inside the wall. I wonder where the other babies and the Mom is....? Makes me worry.
Your husband is a sweetheart. My husband is the same way - you should see him with our cats. He baby talks to them, and hugs and kisses them. He makes me laugh, but I think it's soooo sweet. It's very endearing. I'm proud of him too.
So cheers to your husband!!
It's always nice to hear stories like that.
Keep us posted if he runs across the other cats.

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Val, to your Hubby. He is an !!
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Woo hoo. Val you and your dh are absolute angels. This world needs more people like you two

Thank your hubby for giving that baby a chance for me
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Awwww! Your hubby's a hero! Very cool that he found that little kitten a home. Had he not found the baby a home would he have brought it home to add to your collection? -- LOL!

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Knowing that your husband contributed in saving a life makes me proud! Your both angels!
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i love my hubby he is really doing good with this kitty stuff. He is the one that caught snowwhite and now he is out rescuing cats!! last night he was at his friends house and a big kitty just walked up to him and started purring and rubbing it head on him he must bath in cat nip or something His friend said he knows who it belongs to, so he is returning it to them today Now if hubby can just catch lilly!
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What a happy ending! lost baby gets a home!
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Val... you going to write up ANY of these stories for our rescue story site, LOL!

Sounds like between you and hubby you could keep Heidi real busy!!!!!

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i started writing them I should finish moe and neo's soon....everyone elses is still a work in progress
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That was so sweet of your hubby!
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