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So what did everyone do this weekend? Saturday I went to my frist cat show! I loved looking at all beautful cat! Sunday I had the grandkids out for dinner and so they could play outside,they live in town on a busy street! They really can't play outside there.Their bikes are here. So what did you do?
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I spent Friday night and early saturday morning, waiting for grandkids to be born. Most of the day, Saturday, was spent sleeping on the couch. Yesterday, we went to see the babies and bought groceries.
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Saturday was National Rebuilding Day, a community volunteer effort mounted by the organization Rebuilding Together -- so I was painting my heart out at a site in Berkeley, California! Sunday, I was exhausted from all my painting, so I just vegged.
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I went to my first cat show Saturday, too, Sherral!!!!
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Had a blast at a Bachlorette Party! As much fun as I had this past weekend, I'm exciting for this weekend too. The Bachlorette is getting married this Saturday...It'll be a lot of fun!

Sounds like everyone had great weekends too! I've always wanted to go to a Cat Show, but I don't think we have those here in Nebraska.
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nothing, just took care of kids while hubby went to Omaha for his dads funeral....
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Saturday, I went to a class (held by my city) for first-time home buyers. I want to buy a home within the next two years, so the class was VERY informative. It was run by a local non-profit group that encourages home ownership in the older suburbs of Cleveland and Cleveland itself. The group works with potential home-buyers to make them mortgage-ready. I'm looking forward to working with them to make this dream of mine come true.

Sunday was a work day . But, because I put time in on the weekend I can take off early on Friday . Not a bad trade, if you ask me!
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