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Anyone else getting harassing phone calls?

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We have been getting them for months and it comes from more then one number. Tonight it was on the news.
We will call the number to file a complaint tomorrow.
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I hate having those phone calls from companies, especially when it's more than once a day...what a pain in the neck!

I'm glad to hear that the problem is being solved though
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We get them all the time; generally I don't answer the phone. There's been one that's called us quite regularly; that one I called back and basically unloaded a piece of my mind to the person on the other end of the phone.

I'd really laugh if someone was trying to get us to get a warranty on our cars like that. One is 28 years old and one is 14. They're both looooonng past any sort of warranty.

Call that FTC number if you get a lot of those sorts of calls. And keep calling them. You can also file a report on their website:
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Keep getting robo-calls about my last chance to reduce my credit card interest rate ... I just hang up on them. CC companies don't solicit you for that... but you can call THEM and negotiate a better rate sometimes.
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I live in Canada and I got one of these exact calls the other night. Since I know exactly where I stand on my car warranties and insurance I simply ignored it.
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Every once in a while I get one. I personally used to love it when I got them on a car that was more than 10 years old with about 130,000 miles. I get a lot more junk mail about that than I do phone messages though.
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Ours car is 22 years old and the truck 6 years.
We are reporting them.
We also let the machine get them.
I look at the caller id before I answer the phone.
They even call from a bunch of numbers.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Ours car is 22 years old and the truck 6 years.
We are reporting them.
We also let the machine get them.
I look at the caller id before I answer the phone.
They even call from a bunch of numbers.
Scammers often use calling cards, that probably explains the different numbers? I hate when robots call me with no option to delist.
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I just worked for a telemarketing company, and i was so hurt by people when they were so rude on the phone, so i quit. I understand many other companies call them to give them offers but I was just so upset and hurt even though i'll never meet those people who loaded off their piece of mind to me for no reason, it grr drove me nuts!
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Other than being called a vendictive bitch by a telemarketer I would say no, no harrassing calls.
Than again it is hard for me to distinguish, since I work at a Collection agency.... I get more of the "P**ed off" phone calls.
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Funny thing. I read this thread a few days ago and we got one of these calls last night. DH was perplexed sine one cars is 2 weeks old and the other is 14 years. When he told me about it I burst out laughing and he couldn't beleiev I'd gotten fraud alerts from a cat fourm.
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That's why I don't answer the phone. We have caller ID. If I recognize the number, I'll answer. If I don't, I'll let it go to voice mail. If it's something important, they can leave a message.
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Was getting phone calls from someone trying to plan a 10 year reunion for some high school in Florida, looking for someone with the same name as mine.

I went to HS in NJ. Unfortunately, I graduated a lot more than 10 years ago.

Then there was my brother's semi-psycho ex-girlfriend who called me trying
to weasel my brother's new cell number from me.
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I do the same thing as Misty8723. For awhile I was getting some type of machine-generated call while I was at work. It would go into voice mail, and when I tried to listen to the message I was told I had, there would be nothing but dead silence and then the phone would disconnect. So I just ignored all messages from this number. I was getting this call two or three times a day, every day, and the exact same thing would happen when I was there to answer to phone in person, because I really wanted to complain to the company about these calls. Thank goodness it's finally stopped.
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Ww got the calls 3 times ysterday again.
I let the machine get them.
We have caller id.
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DBF and I only use our cell phones and do not have a land line. We used to get all types of telemarketers calling and since we pay for our calls (or they come out of our minutes) we wanted to put a stop to it.

You can stop telemarketers from calling you cell phones or land lines by going to the National Do Not Call Registry. It takes effect within 72 hours and then if telemarketers call they are violating the law. If I recall correctly, you have to go in every year to update the information, however, they are working towards making it permanent eventually. The website information is below:

I did this for our phones and the calls REALLY STOPPED! I hope this helps someone as I know the calls are annoying.
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We called the ftc today and reported them.
After that we added our number tp the do not call list.
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Yesterday I actually got a form letter in the mail with the same information as the phone call. There was a "file number" at the top to make it look more official. It is now in 4 separate pieces in my recycle bin.
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