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Newly Adopted Kitty Concern

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I adopted Chester yesterday (a 5 year old, adorable long-haired fluffball) and first, he got terribly carsick on the way home. He vomited and defecated A LOT and unfortunately it got all over him since he was in the small cardboard carrying box the Anti-Cruelty Society provided. He has long hair, and I had to wash the yuck off of him in the bathtub. I'm sure it stressed him out immensely, but he was so good throughout the ordeal. He didn't hiss, scratch, or bite. Since then, (I think he's the perfect cat) he has adjusted to our home nicely, and has enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny.
I tried keeping him in one bedroom at first, to slowly introduce him to our dog, but he was too curious and wanted to explore. And he is fearless of Sheba (the dog), basically ignores her.

This brings me to my concern. Chester has only used his litterbox once (pee) and it has been more than 24 hours. He has been eating and drinking plenty of water and I've showed him the box four times. Is it from dehydration? He vomited quite a bit on the car ride.
I'm afraid to bring him to the vet right away because I don't want him to have to deal with getting carsick so soon after yesterday.

Any advice? and thank you in advance.
(He is purring next to me as I type.)
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Congrats by the way--I know all about the long haired poopy butt experience! We do bi-monthly butt trimming here on our Jack.

I wouldn't worry just yet. His system is still adjusting.

Is he eating okay?

Are you sure he hasn't gone anywhere besides the box?

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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post

Is he eating okay?
He has a healthy appetite.

Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
Are you sure he hasn't gone anywhere besides the box?
I hope not! I haven't found anything yet.

Thank you for responding
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I wouldn't worry just yet. Stress can affect a lot of things, including proper digestion. If he was sick in the car then he might have 'got it all out'. I'd give it another day or so before you worry......... If there is any extreme lethargy or any other symptoms then maybe time to worry. Follow your instinct. You're doing better then me though! When I brought mine home (although there was no car sickness) they didn't eat or poop for almost 3 days.

Congratulations on your new family member and keep us posted
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Speaking from my own experience, Bodhi didn't pee or poop at all for the first 24 hours I had him. I was really concerned about him but he ended up using the litterbox just fine after that first day. I'd say give your boy another day or so and see what happens. Seems from your description that he's enjoying getting to know his surroundings and that his little body is probably just adjusting to things. If he starts acting differently or gets sick again, then I'd definitely call the shelter where you got him and/or take him to the vet.

CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you for adopting an older kitty. He's lucky to have you!

P.S. I love his name!

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Thank you for all of your replies. They really make me feel better.
He has been eating and drinking, but I still didn't see any litter box action this morning. I am hoping something will change by the time I get home later. Otherwise, I'm assuming he has found a secret pee spot that I am not looking forward to finding.

All together, he has adjusted wonderfully and he slept in the bed with me both nights, curling up to my pillow.

Thank you firedancer722, I have only lived with younger cats in the past and I really wanted to give an older cat a chance. I am more than satisfied, he is the sweetest cat I have ever met.
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My 9 year old did this too on his trip home. And his first trip to the vet. And when I was being persistant in brushing him. He gets nervous easy. poor thing. He is the biggest of all 3 but is the one thats need extra TLC.

I think peeing once a day is okay. Especially since he is new to your household. He could be just acclimating. Are you feeding him some wet food? This is how they get alot of their water intake.

It's great that he is purring and being close to you already. Sounds like an awesome cat.

Hope to see pics sometime!
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I gave him a can of wet food yesterday and he ignored most of the food and lapped up the 'water' but he has been drinking plenty of water, including out of the dog's bowl, oops.
And here he is: (if I can do this right..)

This is the picture that was with his ad online:

And his description:
"Wow! Chester is an amazing looking 5-year old furry white and silver long-haired kitty! He is a very social guy who is lovable and huggable! He has beautifully soft fur that will need regular brushing in his new home, but we are sure Chester will just love all the attention. Chester is also front declawed. Chester came to us through no fault to his own -- unfortunately, his best friend became ill and could no longer care for him. Poor Chester has had his life turned upside down and doesn't know why. We are thoroughly enjoying this wonderful guy's company, but we would love to find him a permanent new home where he can relax and enjoy life. Chester is such a gentle guy that he would make a great addition to almost any family, including one with children. Won't you please come and meet Chester? Once you meet him, you won't soon forget him - he is truly amazing! Chester is at The Anti-Cruelty Society, just ask for Tab Band ------. Chester is ready to go home today!"

At home sunning:
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It is not at all uncommon for cats to not use the litter box the first 24 hours they are some place new. This happens all the time at the shelter. They are such creatures of habit that they take a while to adjust to a new home.

Congratulations & good for you getting a kitty from the shelter.
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Wow! Chester is gorgeous!
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He is a beautiful boy. Mine didn't go to the box for days when I got them, they wouldn't come out from under the couch, I remember thinking if they don't go soon, they will explode. Eventually they did both go in their boxes.
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Wow! He is a gorgeous boy! Congrats! And like has been said already, give him a day or two to adjust. Unless you see other signs such as lethargy, listlessness etc. I know when I moved from my apt into my house my cats freaked and were "off" for a day or two. One of them even hid in the litter box! Silly boy! New situations can certainly disrupt them for a bit.
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I found three pees in the litterbox today.

Thank you everyone for welcoming and reassuring me.
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Originally Posted by helloChester View Post
I found three pees in the litterbox today.

Thank you everyone for welcoming and reassuring me.

Isn't it amazing what makes us happy!! LOL....

He is a beautiful boy and to be so loved is wonderful!! Enjoy him....
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Chester is beautiful! So glad he's finally really settling in and good for him he has a new wonderful mommy. A few years ago I found a stray and named him Chester, but everyone made fun of me! His adoptive mommy renamed him Phoenix.
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Wow he's gorgeous, Congrats on getting him and I'm glad he peed for you
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What a handsome man you have there!!

GOOD BOY CHESTER You used the "big boy" box, now will you help Levi to use the box and not the bathroom floor?? LOL

Congrats on the new member! It sounds like you are all doing great!!

Lots of happiness,
mom to Samantha 8 and Levi 12 weeks
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