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Attention getting or something else?

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So, this morning, Bodhi did something he's never done before in the 3 weeks I've had him. He woke me up at 5am by gently pawing at my nose. Of course, I felt it and awoke to see him sitting beside my head and looking at me. I was sort of half asleep but I petted him and talked to him for a minute and then rolled over to go back to sleep. Maybe 5 minutes later, he was back to pawing me in the nose again! He didn't use his claws or anything but still... I didn't know what to do. He did it I think 2 more times after that. Was he just trying to wake me up to play? I'm just wondering why he's just now doing this versus any night the past few weeks. A friend of mine laughingly suggested that perhaps I had stopped breathing and Bodhi was simply pawing at my nose to help me start again. Silly people....

Anyways, I think it's totally cute that he did this last night, but i DEFINITELY don't want it to be an every night thing.
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Well I can tell you that Maia attempts to awake me every morning atleast 1 hour before I get up. Always gentle sniffing, pawing, or making some noise by playing with something....... I simply call her over and scoop her up giving her extra love for the seconds I'm semi awake! Or in aggrivation firmly tell her to stop it, and she does.
Every kitty has a different approach to this exact behavior. I always am grateful when its polite and gentle!
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Fiona used to gently nip my face when we first got her. She grew out of it once she got comfortable in the house. I think it was her wanting reassurance. Her foster mom warned us she liked to do this. She still does it occasionally but I think its cute.
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I think the reason your kitty is doing it now to you is he feels comfortable with you. My oldest, male Molasses has done this for 10 years, poking me in the nose. I open my eyes and his paw is coming up toward my cheek. I say to him "what were you going to do with that paw?" and he puts it down. I haven't needed an alarm clock in 10 years.
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This is exactly the way Sierra likes to wake me up, and I think it's so sweet! She sits on my chest and gently takes one paw at a time, touching my face..left paw, then right paw, left paw, right paw. "Wake up, Mommy!"
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Yes, attention getting. This is what cats do
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LOL! CoCocat thanks for posting that link- those video's are HILARIOUS! I wish there were more of them!
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Yes, attention getting. This is what cats do

Bwaahahahahaha!! that was a great video! VERY much Mr. Bodhi.

Thanks for sharing that.
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