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Should I get a second cat?

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Hi all,
I'm a little concerned about my cat. She isn't acting weird or anything out of the ordinary or anything like that...but that said I don't know if she would like a second cat to play with. She is 2 and half now. What has me wondering is because whenever I come home she is either waiting by the front door or she was asleep in my chair/bed and comes running up to me as I walk through the door. This has me wondering if she is lonely during the day. Since I work from 7:30-6 she is physically alone in at my place during that time period. I know cats are generally not pack type animals like dogs, but this behavior has me a little on edge.

the main thing that is keeping me from getting another is that she has had free reign of the apartment and I don't know how well she would take another cat "invading" her domain. I know she doesn't do well with one of my friend's dogs, but that is probably because the dog is a puppy and wants to play, and thus chases my her.

Since this is my first real pet (only other was a box turtle when I was 4 or 5 and had for about a week) I'm not really sure whether or not anything should be done? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Cats are, by nature, solitary, but many of them like having a "friend." However, read the threads here; you'll find many who have had trouble integrating a new cat into the household, along with the many who integrated just fine. There are introduction tricks, etc. I'm not going to say your cat "needs" a companion, especially if you spend a lot of time with her, and sometimes getting another cat will reduce some of the interaction she has with you.

All that said, we have some great kitties available at the animal shelter, as does every shelter!
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A lot of cats do well in multiples. You have to just be cautious on getting the "right" new kitty. Meaning - you want to match purr-sonalities. Don't get this specific kitty as s/he is pretty, but pick one who would be the right playmate for your cat.

If you can afford, have space, & think she'd do OK with another cat - go for it. I agree to check out your local shelter. I'd go for another kitty about 1-2 years old with a similar personality (that way, they'll mature at a similar timeframe).

If you bring in a new kitty, be sure to read up on the introduction threads first. Newbie will need to be kept in a seperate room for awhile, some intros take a month or more. Be prepared.
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Even if you get another cat it won't stop them from being by the door when you get home. I now have 3 by the door when I come home. He just wants to say hello and welcome you home! He missed you.

But having more than one cat is so much fun. The way they interact with each other can be so fun to watch.
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That is a long time to be alone, I would probably be needing company too! I think getting another kitty is a good idea. Just read up on how to intro them properly.
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I don't think greeting you at the door is a sign of loneliness My girl used to greet me when I came home every day--and she did fine as an "only child" for many, many years. In fact, when she was totally deaf in her old age, it was sad that she no longer was there to greet me. Don't let this be your sole reason for introducing another cat.

By the way, I felt the urge to get her a companion because so many people encouraged it, but both times I tried, she would not tolerate another cat. As you point out, the entire house had become her domain, and she didn't want to share it.
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Thanks for all the replies. I think I may wait on getting a second cat for when I move in a year. That way both cats would be in unfamiliar territory as far as domains go, and that way there is more room for them to do whatever instead of an apartment. Thanks again all.
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