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sooty has just made some weird coughing noises but they sounded muffled, made them for about 30 seconds and now has the hic-ups he looked scared, could he of been trying to cough up a hair ball?

now he wont leave me alone
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Yes, he could have a hairball.

Did the hiccups go away, or is he still coughing? If it continues, speak to the vet about it. The vet will tell you if you should bring Sooty in to get checked.

Hopefully, though, Sooty's ok now and is not coughing. Let us know.
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it stopped as quick as it started but he didnt half scare me, the look of fear in his face was awful going to ask the vet when hes there for his second injections just incase

but hes running around with flash again like nothing happened
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I'm glad to hear Sooty's ok!!!

Great idea to speak to the vet about what happened - asking questions is always important. The more we know, the better we are able to care for our babies.

PS - Flash & Sooty are adorable!
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