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Any Surivor Fans?

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I was wondering if anyone here watches Survivor and can tell me who was voted off last week. I was able to watch all but the last 10 minutes....
Can anyone tell me what I missed.

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Crystal, Suzy & Kenny ganged up together & voted off Marcus. Crystal convinced Marcus she was with him, and then stabbed him in the back! Not to happy was Marcus. (I sound like Yoda)
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I'm a Survivor fan! If I'm not mistaken, they offed Marcus.
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Yep, it was Marcus.. They completely backdoored him
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I am really surprised it wasn't Suzy! I know with the merge she was in better shape, but, goodness... why wasn't it Suzy? Poor Marcus, that must have hurt, sort of like Ace! Talk about backdoored!

What about the part with Sugar? Think she was really for real with her crying about Ace? I thought for sure she was onto him and was glad he was gone. Seems her friendship with him was sincere!

I won't be able to watch this week either, so if any of you can, can you post what happens!

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We normally tape & may not watch until friday, but if there is no update by the time we watch I will update.
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That would be great! I have no way of recording shows so if I can't watch it, I'm out of luck... I know you can watch it on CBS.com (which is how I watched most of last weeks) but my computer has a bad habit of freezing at the most inopportune times and it froze a couple of times while watching it so I never got to see the end

It's great that I can get my Survivor fix here

Thanks again!
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