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That mousy is where?

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Butzie did not come in as soon as I would have liked yesterday. That is because she was looking like she wanted to come in but I was going out. My mistake. She only wants to come in when she knows that I am home.

Well, she did come in a little later. I hear pounce, pounce, jingle jingle in the living room. I knew she brought in something. Yup, she was practicing the cat and mouse game and winning, of course. I told her that she was a good mouser and went to my bedroom.

She comes prancing in with the mouse. This was inevitable. She plays and traps the mouse. There was a little activity before I went to bed.

I woke up this morning. Butzie had not slept in bed with me. I find her staring at the cabinets under our sinks. I see that there is a little hole in the carpet at the wall. Do you want to bet the mouse squeezed in there?

I am not sure where that goes and how much smell we will get when the mouse dies in there. But as for now, Butzie is not expressing any interest in going outside while that mouse is in there.
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Zane has become extremely interested in one corner of the kitchen. No sign of murine activity there, but we shall see.
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