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Long-term boarding options?

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I am facing a dilemma with my cats. My husband and I are hoping to go overseas this summer...and I don't really want to deal with the risks of taking the cats with us, having them in quarantine, etc. I don't have any friends or family that would be willing to take the cats for three months. What would you suggest for long-term boarding options? I don't want to be cruel to my cats, but I also cannot afford a posh kitty resort, either. Thanks!
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My first suggestion would be to talk to your vet to see if they have any leads on reliable, trustworthy people that they would recommend to care for your cats while you are gone.
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I agree. Is there no one that can come check on them and feed them?
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Ask your vet or other friends if they can recommend a pet-sitter; this way the cats could stay in your house and someone would come there and take care of them.

My cousin owns her own business doing this and my sister worked for another company doing this. You can pay them to just come once a day, every other day (however long you feel comfortable with leaving your cats alone) or you could even have them stay at your house (not sure if they'd do that for a whole three months, but my sister would do it for a weekend or so at a time, while also checking on the other animals assigned to her during the day).

Another option, and I can't remember the correct term, is called house swapping (?), I think- there's a website that sets it up, with people who are traveling and need a place to stay for an extended amount of time. It doesn't have to be a direct swap, so you wouldn't necessarily be staying in their place while they're at yours.

Ah, here's the site- Home Exchange! There's a yearly membership fee and it says that usually it is a direct swap (they say it increases the level of trust between the swappers.) I don't know what your plans in Europe are, but maybe this is an option? There may also be similar services out there like this!
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