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Hello! It's Nice To Meet All Of You

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Hi, my name is Jan and I am new here. Just signed on last night. I was looking around on this site, and it looks like I'll be right at home. I have two cats - Boogie, who is a 15 yr. old female gray tabby. She is my best friend who I have had since I was 20 - we grew up together. She is the biggest sweetheart you could ever meet. She is very smart and intelligent. I swear, I think she is human!!
And I also have a male blue persian, who I saved from straydom, while my husband and I were on vacation, 6 and 1/2 months ago. I'm guessing he's about 1 and 1/2 yrs. old. He is a doll face persian. He is really cool. Very tough, but sweet - and he is sooooo cute. My heart melts everytime I look at him. He's the first animal I fell in love with like that, since I got Boogie (which says alot, cause she is my dream). They are my kids (that I don't have), and I love them very much.
I'm glad to be here with my fellow cat lovers. It will be a pleasure to talk to you!!

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Welcome Jan! I am also relatively new here and I am sure you will enjoy it very much. Post pictures of your kitties!
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Welcome to the site Jan! Sounds like you have the purrfect feline family, and that you'll fit in purrfectly around here too. We would love to see your kitties, so if you can please post some pics. I have to see the little face that melts your heart like that.
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Welcome to TCS! Hope you like it here as much as I do!
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Thanks for all the welcomes!!! That makes me feel good. I don't have a scanner right now, so I can't post any pictures. But as soon as I get one - you'll be the first ones to see my babies!!!
This site is fun, and you guys are great!!!!

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Hi Jan, Nice to meet you - I just signed in for the first time too. I also have two adopted strays. Sneaker an American shorthair tabby mix was adopted in about 1995 and Monster KiKi in about 1998. Monster is Sneaker's third companion. I adopted another cat, Gray Tail Lady, about the same time as Sneaker, but she went out on the street and got run over.

Gray tail lady was a young adult when she came to us and joined the cat colony of 8 stray ferrals living in my backyard. We think she came from across the street and was going back for a visit when she was run over. We had just had her neutered and she was such a sweet little cat. I was so touched when climbed off the fence and sat in my lap and went to sleep the first time.

Then I adopted another cat, Cookie, (because she reminded me of the color of an Oreo cookie), but she got sick and I had to take her back to the Humane Society.

Cookie showed up a short time before Lady got killed. She had a breathing problem and perhaps had had s bone or something stuck in her throat or mouth at some point. She could not close her mouth all the way and her tongue protruded slightly all the time. I tamed her (which wasn't hard since she was a stray or abandoned cat not a feral cat). We had just taken her to the Humane Society for adoption when Lady got run over, so since Sneaker already knew and liked her, we went down and got her back. We had to pay, of course, for spaying and shots, but then she got sick from the shots (live virus used) and went down hill very fast after we got her back.

Sneaker's third companion came to us by way of the neighbor children who found him in a ditch (dirty, full of ear mites, and sick with cat flu). He was only about 6 weeks old - far to young to have been away from a mother cat. He didn't walk real well, but toddled. We had just lost Cookie, so we had a place for him. Sneaker hated him at first - his first two companions had been females and although he was neutered, he liked them immediately.

I had a comfortable cat cage already set up because Lady had been confined for about five weeks afer her surgery, so we made the baby comfortable in that and only had him out when we were with him for about the first two months (for his own protection). Then I started letting him out during the daytime and only locking him up at night. Finally one cool night I was going to put him to bed and found him in a box with Sneaker - they were keeping each other warm. He was a free cat after that. He grew up with Sneaker sitting on him half the time when they played, but I knew Sneaker would not hurt him at that point. It did make a tough little kitty out of him though. Without a mother he did not learn to climb out of the six foot fence until he was about six months old and then Sneaker must have past on the knowledge not to go out in the steet, because he does not cross it or go out in it that I am aware of.

These are my boys, my constant companion, helpmates when I am outside. If you are interested - I will tell you later about the cat colony I had and about my current stray endeavor. Nice to visit with you - hope I didn't bore you. My name is Gladys - I'm known on the boards I frequent as "TheDarland"
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Welcome Gladys! I'm sorry about the cats you have lost, but sometimes that pain is part of the responsibility of taking care of ferals. If you haven't done so, check out our Feral Colony forum. I'm sure you would like it, as well as the rest of the board.
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Welcome aboard, Gladys!
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Thanks for the welcome Gladys - it's nice to meet you too. Sorry about all your cats. That's very sad - they sounded really sweet. Your others cats sound wonderful, and that was very cute with them sleeping together in the box!!
And please share all your stories with us - we'd love to hear them. You'd never bore me, I love to listen!!! Thanks again. I'm sure I'll be speaking with you again soon!!! Do you have pics you could post?

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Hi Jan & Gladys! Just wanted to welcome the both of you to the board.
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Thanks for the welcome Jenn!!

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[size=4]Welcome welcome!!!!!!!![size=4]
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Welcome Jan and Gladys! I'm pretty new here too, and I love being here. What a GREAT group of people are here. So helpful and caring too!
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welcome welcome welcome
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Welcome! You are going to have such a great time here!
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Welcome girls!!!!
Enjoy TCS - its the greatest place to be in if you love cats!!!!

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Hello, this is a great site, you are going to love it, there is so much to learn and so many beautiful cats.

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