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Special need Kittens for adoption!

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Hey! I havent been on here in forever!
Its been a real long BUSY summer

I dont know if you remember but I do alot of animal rescue. As of right now I have 2 babies up for adoption. But I want the most perfect homes for them both and I thought about posting them here.

ANYWAYS! I will share few pics of each Kitten and tell their story.

This Gorgeous cat is Hanna

Her Amber Eyes hold a sad tale. For one whose heart is so full of love you would never guess what she has been through.

We recieved her after she had been thrown out of a moving car. When I got her she was in such shock that I worried once she came out of her shock she wouldnt be the calm kitty I was holding.

She had severe Head Trauma. She was coated in Fleas and ear mites. It was a slow progress but slowly she recoved. Her Growth has been stunted. i have seen Other Kittens grow around her. Though she has just recently had a small spurt.

Her Tummy can not handle any canned foods or Dairy. She does well on dry cat food.

She lives to be in your arms or on your lap. With a constant purr..that goes into 2nd gear if you snuggle her. She has a heart of never ending Love.

She will be spayed b4 she is rehomed. (no charge to the adopters)

she is Litter box trained.

This Cutie is Trivette or "Triver"

Triver wore my patience thin...as well as my nerves after I got a call saying he was living on a highway. Yes we caught glimpses of him..just a flash of black. I was so worried about him, he became my mission.

But over time he he got slower. he didnt have any "wild" skills. so We thankfully caught him. In fact ..he rode home with his teeth in a dead lock holding the front of my shirt...well purring.

We are not sure if he was dumped with the injury or if it happened well trying to survive..or if he was run over. But he has nerve damage in his right leg. He has no feeling and no use other than to drag it around.

Sadly this week he is set to have his leg amputated.
The vet put it off untill he was mature enough to be Nuetered at the same time.

His Nueter and surgery will also be paid for by us..

I live in southern Mo
If you are interested in adopting either of these two babies let me know.
I also have several adults for adoption

you can email me at naturesgift1@gmail.com
or PM me.

ty for taking time to read this


Animal Ark Rescue
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Here are some pictures from when I first recieved them,

This Is Hanna when after she was given to me.

(her eyes were like that b/c of the head trauma) She has come sooo far!

This was Trivette a few days after we caught him.

His Surgery is set for next week thursday. It was going to be this week but
b/c I have to have a dog spayed at the same time they said it would be best to wait untill next week Thursday. I have to have it set on a day off so I can be with them both after theirsurgerys. He is going to need me after his surgery. after any surgery I have to be sure all went well.

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They are both so beautiful...I only wish I lived closer!

I hope Triver's surgery goes well! He looks like such a brave little man, I'm sure he will be a trooper!

And it's amazing how much better Hanna looks now! you've done such a wonderful job with them!
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I could cry thinking what those babies have been through I hope you find them wonderful, loving homes for them.
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Thank goodness for people like you, Mandie

I am such a sucker for special needs babies! I hope you find wonderful homes for the both of them ;vibes:
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Aww I hope the little guys surgery goes well. We have a 3 legged cat and hes a darned instigator! He lays on his side and pops open all of the cabinet doors and drawers and he can outrun the other 4 legged cats! Keep us posted on how they do! =D
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I hope the little guy's surgery goes well; I bet he'll do great. What a trooper! Those poor babies.. they are lucky to have you, and I hope that they find wonderful homes
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