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Heidi - You Are Incredible! The New Save Samoa Site Is UP!!!

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Well there are many new members who may not know... but Anne frequently posts headlines about cats in the news. One in particular really got a lot of us hot under the collar. A journalist wrote about a cat he called Osama bin Laden.

IT WASN'T FUNNY. Anne posted the link to the article in the Feral Forum, and many members took it from there. That journalist was inundated.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we helped make arrangements to have the cat rescued (in Amarillo, TX ). Two of us (okeefecl - Christy) and myself decided to create a website dedicated to rescue. Out of that grew a whole other project related to conducting research in order to create a presentation to change local animal control laws to support Trap-Neuter-Release programs (as opposed to euthanisation) and to support low-cost spay/neuter programs State-wide and Nationwide. That site is called - but it isn't up yet, although Christy, Heidi, Kass and myself are hard at work conducting the research - to FIND the relevant research and links for that site. Cross your fingers it should only be a couple of weeeks away now....

But is UP!!! It's been up since December... but Heidi took on the task of creating a more professional looking site... and she did it!!! I think she did a fabulous job, and please go take a look!!! She really deserves congrats for such a great job.

...and don't forget to send us your rescue stories!!!

Great job, Heidi! And though no one can see the fruits of your labor yet, Kass and Christy are right along with her!!!!!
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Thats great! The site looks fantastic!
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it looks great!! Nice work!
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Congratulations! The site looks great, I especially like the background colour and the matching oval buttons - lovely!
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Sorry Laurie But Heidi the site looks much better once you got control of it! Great job!!! By the way, I have a great link for places that take older cats and put them in retirement homes. The places charge so much a month, but it you want the link it's yours!
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Great site and a seriously great cause.

Well done to Laurie and Christy (and Kass - sorry Kass, didn't know you were helping out here) for the hard work and dedication. It's a great testament to the persuasive nature and tenacity of cat lovers everywhere.
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Thank you all so much!!! It's been a lot of fun working on Save Samoa, and I will continue being the Webmaster for as long as Laurie and Christy will have me.

Mary Anne, that sounds like a great organization. Please send us the link!

To reiterate what Laurie said, Please send us your rescue stories. OK, if nothing else, stop by and read some really heartwarming stories.
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GREAT job Heidi!!!!
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Wonderful! Thanks for sharing the official launch with us. I will place a link to on my site next time I do an update.
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************ Bump *************

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Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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GREAT job!!!!!!!!!

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Wonderful! Love the colors Heidi! And the picture of Samoa among the Christmas ornaments brought tears to my eyes!

Thank you all for doing this - you are such wonderful wonderful people!
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Can I ask for some feedback please? I'm particularly interested in how the site loads for everyone, especially dial-up users. Is it too slow? Would you stick around long enough for it to load? What seems to take "too long" to load?

(I'd test it myself, but I don't even have a modem in my computer, let alone access to a dial up account.)

Thank you everyone!!!
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Heidi, Great job! You know how slow my computer is. That's an old story, so you can't count on me to tell you how fast it is! But I thought it was really great looking. I looked at it and hurried "home" to email the link to my family and lots of my friends. In fact, lots of our friends here will be getting that email. I was so excited to see Pixie's picture I forgot to send them the link, and had to write twice! Oh, I signed the petition for spaying and neutering too.
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Great job, heidi! Looks really good.
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That's odd- I got an error message that the site was not available so when I clicked okay and then the site was there?

Ok just tried it again and it loaded quick, fast and fine!
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Woo!!! The site looks terrific! Very nice job ladies. And it loads up just fine for me, but I'm on a cable modem here....
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