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Meagan has feline triaditis

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...or lymphoma.

My cat, Meagan, is 9 years old, and she originally was diagnosed with hepatic lipidosis, which after four months of tubefeeding without her able to eat on her own with consistency indicated something else was wrong. I took her to a cat specialist who tried a round of steroids thinking it might be IBD, which she did better on. But her liver functions weren't better....but worse. They did a fancy test and said she likely had pancreatitis, too.

So, she recommended exploratory surgery to biopsy her organs. I'm awaiting the results on Monday but since the surgery, my cat has been so listless and nauseous that she can't keep much food down at all. (She was eating on her own and I was feeding her 180 ml of food through the tube prior to the surgery.)

The doc thinks she has either feline triaditis or lymphoma. And I'm at my wits end.

Any advice from someone who has experience with this type of situation would be greatly appreciated.

She's my first cat and my baby, and I'm so exhausted.
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Prayers for her.
I do not know anything about what your cat has though.
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For the upset stomach you can check with your vet and he may possibly prescribe a medication known to reduce the symptoms. I am sorry you are going through this. I know nothing about lymphoma but if we are dealing with pancreatis I may be able to give diet advice. AGain, check with your own trusted vet, but for triaditis, fluids, steroids antibiotics seem to be what gives the most relief best of luck
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Thank you both for your support! If she makes it through and the biopsy results show she can be helped, I may be asking you about diet recommendations....
Sandy (and Meagan)
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Prayers for her to be ok.
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I have just been going through the same issue. Stomper had his surgery on October 24th. Did they give Meagan a Fentynal patch to help with pain. Stomper was very painful, but he also had his gallbadder removed as well as biopsies.

He stayed at the vets for 5 days and he did not eat, they had to force feed even while on cyproheptadine. I had a kitty die of Hepatic Lipidosis so I was calling several times a day freaking out about the not eating thing.

Stomper finally is acting normal as of two days ago. He beat up Izzy and peed on the stove Never thought I would be happy he started spraying again.

This is the link to the thread I started about Stomper. I did it for informational purposes because I could find very little information about this condition, other than it is supposedly common. With Stomper the added gallbladder issues were another big question mark.


PM me if you like. I will send you my email addy as I don't always log in when I am on TCS.
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