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Hello Everyone!!

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I went to Seattle for the weekend. I saw the Titanic exhibit. Wow, it was incredible and very sad.

I finally got a chance to get onto this site and I feel like it is going to take me days to catch back up!

How is everyone? I missed you guys. Sounds like a lot has been going on...

Oh ya... I think this is my 300th post. I want a party as big as Mr. Cat's and Donna's. :afrorainb

P.S.. more people really ought to get into Blue's party. She deserves it!

Great new smilies.. this could be fun! :LOL:
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hiiiiiiii you!

i dont know how i missed this thread i was going to ask
you about your seattle trip!

glad you like the new smilies!

hey, get into your designated Alpha Party thread!

tell me more about the exhibit, and what did you buy on your shopping
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Glad to have you back! I have been away for a few days myself so it is taking me some time to catch up!
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Yes....I also am glad to have you back! I was sick for a week so have much to catch up on myself!! Glad you enjoyed your trip!!
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Welcome back Neighbor!
My Lily says to tell your Lily "Hi!"

Oh Lord, I can't believe this...I'm only 2 posts away from 100...sheesh...wheres that BigMouth icon? oh...here it is!
Well, off to get my "baby pictures"...that oughta put me up to 100!

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