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I have been searching for a job for 2 years and can still not find one

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I am deperate because we will be short on money in feb if I do not get a job.
I have put over 100 apps in and still nothing.
I do not know what to do anymore.
I have tried monster and the other sites and still nothing.
I worked for almost 16 years in the food business and was operations mgr.
I started at the bottom as a crew person and moved up.
I never tried to get unemployment because I thought I would have something by now.
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There aren't any jobs in any fields at all?? Did you try temp places. I realize the job outlook in California is much different that in Wisconsin but there are jobs available here for people if they want work. Some might not be the best hours or days but I find it hard to believe that there aren't openings. Some of the jobs that are open here but hard have time filling are in the meat packing industries, pt office cleaners or delivery of newspapers.
You will most likely need to look outside of your comfort zone for a job.
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If you live near a big city you can commute and work at a hotel job or security they are easiest to get into male or female. Try it! I wish you the best!
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I am looking outside the food business and hvae not got one call yet.
I have tried the pet shops,retail,hotels,book stores,food places,best buy,walmart,target
walmart is opening this week at had 6000 aps for 300 jobs.
My sister who has a ba ended up in a casino after looking for over a year.
I am going to try temp agencies this week.
I tried the canneries also but they are laying off.
I will not give up.
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I second the temp agency.. Plus your local employment office ( I believe it is federal but here it is in the phone book under county ) they can help and also look at the resume to see if that may be the reason your not getting call backs
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I will try both this week.
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With all these threads lately, why not make one thread with tips, resources, links to help people learn to write resumes, and those needing help list where they live (if they feel comfortable). Maybe people can help each other out more this way?

I would suggest it get stickied for a bit if it proved to be informational, but I don't know if helping people survive financially would warrant that...
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That would be nice if someone could help me search for places to try.
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Provide the name of your town/city and maybe even zipcode so the Cali people can help. Someone may know of specific places you could apply to.

Off the wall suggestion here... what about furniture stores? Are you friendly and good with people... including talking them into stuff?
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Here is my info.
I am in Modesto California and my zip is 95355.
I can not do any job with chemicals and cleans they make me very sick.
I am am highly allergic and get severe migraines from just smelling them.
I also get hives and can not breathe around chemicals.
I tried a food place last week and thought I ahd a good chance and they did not call me.
There was over 50 aps for one job.
I wonder if I put to much down.
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Have you been following up with the apps you have sent out? I've found that almost 99% of employers will not contact you.

If you are that hard up for work, you might have to go outside your usual areas. As for me, if it came right down to it, I'd see about working out in one of those fields that grow veggies and such. Thankfully, I'll never have to do that, but if I did, I would to keep living in a place.
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Thats one think I could never do because I would be in the Er because of being very allergic.
I can not even be out in the heat for 15 minutes before a severe migraine hits. I do call the people and they say the job is filled.
I amost got petco but they started laying off so they did not hire me.
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I'm not going to suggest you lie on an application, but sometimes businesses will use the applications to weed out those they don't want to talk to, and when they have 50 applications per job, they can afford to be picky. Try not to give them any reason not to talk to you. Easier said than done, I know. Keep in mind, "TMI!" Too Much Information!
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I don't know if this applies to you since I'm not in the US, but I know a lot of municipal buildings (Libraries, Town Halls, etc) around here are hiring casual staff for this time of year. There are no set hours, it's all on-call, but it's a great way to get your name in. We have one fellow working casual in the library I work in and he's getting about 12-15 hours a week at the moment, just to fill gaps left by vactaions and illness. On top of it 3 of our last 4 hires were casual staff who's applies as internal positions came up and stood a better chance because staff already knew them.
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Are there any customer service call centers around Modesto? They usually pay well and are always hiring. I'll send you "get a job"
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I can look and see if there is anything.
I have never lied on any app.
Do you think I should omit that I was a Ops Mgr at a food place.
I know I can not work at the Libraries here because they just layed off alot of people.
I think part of problem is I only worked in food and nothing else so they do not give me a chance.
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