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Wanna see my engagement picture??

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Here's me and my darling Alex. This is our engagement pic that was taken in February. The pic isn't too good, since it's a picture I took of the real picture using my little web cam. But it gives you a good idea, even if it's a little fuzzy . . .

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ohh you 2 make such a perfect couple!!! Congrats on your engagement! Thanks for sharing!
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ohhhh you two are SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!!!!! and congrats on the engagment!!
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Lovely picture!
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We didn't get engagement pictures done. WE SUCK!!! When is the wedding?
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Viva, your stunning! And Alex is quite a dish . . .

You guys look so right together!
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The wedding is June 26, 2004. Thanks for the compliments, guys!
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Wow a new kitten and an engagement! You are a very busy girl! Congrats!
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Congrats AuroraViva - you are so pretty!
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You both are just beautiful!!!!!!! I love your smile!!!!
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Viva..What a gorgeous woman you are! No wonder Alex wants to take your hand in marriage! He's quite the looker too!
Congrats on the engagement!
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Awww, thanks y'all! *blush*
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You should put that pic on the Pictures!Pictures! Thread!
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That's a good idea! I didn't even think of that! I'll post one when I can scan it and have it look better, this one looks kinda bad, it's too fuzzy. Thanks for the tip!
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You two look very nice together!!!!


I swear, you people make me wish I had a scanner - like BIG time. hehe.
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Wow Viva !!!! You are gorgeous What a Darling couple !!!!
Thank You for sharing
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You two look great. You have a beautiful smile. Congratulations on your engagement.
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What a cute couple! You are very pretty Viva. You both look so happy. Congatulations!
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Congratulations on your engagement! And the picture is lovely.
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