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I was scheduled to have computer training at home depot today. So, I wake up at 6:30 and get ready to go up there and I get there and realize that the guy who I filled out paperwork with didn't leave me the information to log into the computer system up there like he said he was going to do for me. So I called business services for the store, and they told me that I wasn't in the system yet so I couldn't do training. Well, I talked to the head cashier and she then talked to business services and eventually they finally sent me home around 8:30. Keep in mind that I am always early for work and I arrived up there around 7:30am, 30 minutes before I needed to be there. Now, he asked me when I wanted to do computer training last Wednesday so he should have had ample time to put me into the computer system so that I could 1)clock into the time clock and 2) be able to start my computer training today. Now I was supposed to have Tuesday off this week and now I'm probably going to have to work on Tuesday because I was sent home today. Tomorrow I was supposed to be training as well. They told me to call before I come in tomorrow to make sure that I can train for that day. I just love wasting expensive gas just for fun! I was talking to another employee up there and he flat out told me that it was pretty crappy on Home Depot's part to tell me to come up there and then send me home because they didn't bother to set me up into the system. I could've saved gas and slept in this morning.

This just seems like a bad start for me just starting out with a company. At least I'm looking for a better job in the meantime.
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I don't blame you for being upset for wasting your time. I do have to say, though, that it was probably just an oversight, and not on purpose. I would also caution you about talking about, or complaining about it with your future co-workers for a couple of reasons. One is that you could be perceived as already having a bad attitude. Complaining about a job you haven't even started doesn't give the best perception of you. Secondly, it makes you angrier about a situation, and you're letting someone else color your perception about the store before you've even started. It was an honest mistake.
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I didn't really complain about it with him. He was the one that brought it up and how I was told to be up there and then told to go home. I was just like...oh well..I'll just go home and go back to bed or something and enjoy the day. I'm not much of a complainer to other people at work
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For what it's worth, if anyone is looking for work, I would recommend they try the local "Toys R Us," which is just beginning its heavy season. At the very least, you could get a 10% discount on that Wii or whatever.

Costco is another one that has a great reputation for treating its employees right. Lowes is still another. Most of these places are putting on seasonal workers right now, even though they're expecting a slower-than-usual Christmas season.
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