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Litter training - first timer

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Hi all,

The kitten I have (3-4mo) is using both his litter boxes about 99.9% of the time for pooping, but when it comes to peeing, he'll use the box in his cat cage (where he's at while we're working and at night), but generally I have to put him in the big box he shares with our 1yr old. He'll walk over and *right in front of it* squat to pee. As soon as he does that, I place him in the box. It's covered, whereas his box in his cage isn't. But he'll poop in both, so I don't know that that's the issue?

I bought some cat attractant litter additive....I was told by a couple people it's virtually fail-proof, but it doesn't appear to be doing anything for him.

I've never had a kitten before in my life and our older girl came to us already trained at 6mo - in the 8 months or so that we've had her, she's never had any accidents ever. So I've never litter-trained a cat or kitten before.

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This sticky on the top of this board has a lot of answers about urination where you don't want it.

Some cats simply don't like covered boxes. I know, you'd think it would be logical that if a cat would use a box for feces then the cat would use the same box for urine, but cats aren't always logical. I would suggest that you remove the cover from the box.

The spot in front your box probably smells like urine to your cat, so the area smells like a good place to urinate. You need to remove the smell entirely to get the cat to stop urinating there. Different people on this board like different products to get rid of urine: I have no opinion on the issue.

A lot of people on this board swear by Feliway, which is a concoction of "friendly" cat pheromones. Urine is a territorial mark that tells cats to make more territorial marks in the same place (urinate again). Friendly pheromones tell the cat this is not a location to make territorial marks on. Posters have talked about whether it's okay to spray feliway close to a litterbox here and here.
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