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Sunday!!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Still raining here today and it's gotten much colder. No doubt it will be snowing by this evening.

Looks like it will be an inside kind of day again. I do have some shopping to do so may do that after lunch if I can get motivated.

Not to energetic today, had a really restless night, I slept but dream so much I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon.

The kitties have all decided to go back to nap so I may join them for another hour or so in a little while.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning. Nice day here today, a little cooler than yesterday but that's OK.We're going to a Fashion Show this afternoon, so we won't be going to Church today because that would be cutting it too close. So Brunch, then on to Sunset Beach for the Fashion Show.
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Today is when I spend extra time with Maisie and do the weeks laundry. It`s a pretty lazy day for me. I`ve been upstairs to work but that only took 15 minutes so the rest of the day is laundry, Maisie, Kitty, snoozing, TCS and snacks

Have a great day guys!
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Morning! Cold and windy outside so I'm not going anywhere.

Today I am doing dishes, tidying up the kitchen, doing 1 or 2 loads of laundry and if I'm feeling adventurous later, maybe taking out my trash, otherwise it can wait until Monday when I have to go out anyway.
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I have to work today, 12 hours!
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I have to work 2 hours, then dh and I have plans. I was supposed to be off every Sun but it's not looking like this is the case.......I don't enjoy being fibbed to.......
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Good morning

It's about 56º here in NC today. Been relaxing most of the morning, except when I made breakfast.

Looking forward to vegging out all day until dinner, then sadly driving back to SC. I always dislike returning because it means we are going back to the in-laws house again! When we have our own, it'll be much more exciting returning home. I do miss Nero & Katina though! Been spending time with Chassis & Caliper (Tailpipe is MIA at the moment...havent seen him once) this weekend
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Good morning! (checks that it's still morning.)

Strange morning here, but not much planned. A power out mucked up our CO sensor alarm at 7am so I was up bright and early fixing that. Crawled back into bed after talking to the nice people at the fire deaprtment.

DH is working again today, so I'm planning on goofing off on the computer most of today since it's cold and damp, then i have somelaundry to do and I want tody the bedroom and maybe get some quilting done. It's been awhile since Freya has had the chance to 'help' me quilt.
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It's a nice fall day here, sunny and low 60's F (16C or so).

I am going to salsa at 12:30. YsmarÃ:censor:, the Saturday instructor, is subbing today and going over the dance she started yesterday. I have a chance of remembering it next Sat if we go over it again today.

I am going shopping and wine tasting this afternoon. DH is closing up our pool finally.

We went out to dinner last night which was so great! The portions were so large that we can have leftovers for dinner tonight!

And I am loading up the dishwasher for the second time since it finally got repaired, under warranty, after 10 days of waiting for the computer chip part.
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Its a balmy 34F here and breezy so with the wind chill its a bit cooler than that!!
Saw some more snowflakes earlier but none now.

We got the rest of the ceiling sanded and tacked so its now ready for me to paint.
Tomorrow am before work I will try to pick out some paint so I can start painting tomorrow evening or Tuesday. I figure a good week to paint as if mom and dad come this weekend I will not be able to paint Friday or Saturday.

I hear my neighbor sighting in his deer rifle-it sounds like a cannon!!

So being lazy right know as my neck and shoulder are smarting a bit from overuse.
Might work on craft/christmas project later this afternoon.

Roasting a chicken with baked potatoes, Stovetop stuffing and other veg for dinner tonite.

The cats are all in Bobs just went to bed for a nap and the other two sucking up the heat by the woodstove.
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Afternoon everyone!

It's really nice outside today! This morning I went to church with my friend Annie and got to sing in their church's choir. That was pretty nice. After church we went and had lunch at my favorite Japanese resturant! It was great!

I just got home a little while ago. Tonight I'm planning on running to Garden Ridge (another arts & crafts store) to pick up a few more things for some orders I need to fill....that and their Christmas ornaments are on sale and begging me to buy them!
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A friend works at garden ridge the place is huge and has so much ... of course there is not one near here ...

plans were church but alas my body decided to go crazy so I am home
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We went to visit our first wedding venue this morning. It was gorgeous. It's a place called Castle in the Clouds. It sits up on a mountain and overlooks all the trees and such. The view was amazing. It definitely is a good pick to have the wedding at. Still have a couple more places till we make our decision. I'm so excited to finally get some plans set!

Other than that, we did errands once we got home. A bunch of shopping and such, and got some Christmas presents bought too.

Now relaxing for the rest of the day before back to work tomorrow. Boo!
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I have Mason today. So my day is planned totally around him, of course! He is napping right now so I'm catching a couple minutes on TCS. Then I have to go start dinner for him. I've also managed to clean the litter boxes and do the dishes from earlier. Not a real exciting Sunday here.
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