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Seeing a professional person in real life

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My image of someone was completely crushed tonight

The nurse coordinator for my cardiac surgeon is a cool bloke, and I have a slight crush on him He wears cowboy boots, says things like "y'all" and "ma'am" in a cute cowboy voice, but also has multiple piercings. He's always dressed really well, with nice, perfectly fitted pants, really funky button down shirts, and funky glasses, as well as his white doctor-type coat as well.

Tonight I saw him in Safeway and he was wearing ugly old, faded blue ripped jeans (not cool ripped - old ripped), that looked a size too big, some ugly old shirt, a camo jacket, with a scruffy face.

He stopped right in front of me and said "oh hey, hi", and my first thought was "who the heck is this homeless person talking to me!??!?".

I said hi, and he started talking in this drawl and it finally clicked who it was. We were chatting for a little while, and said bye, and DH said that it took him minutes to figure out who he was, and was wondering who this bloke was who was talking to me

So... crush gone.
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Maybe he was relaxing around the house after doing some messy things and just ran out to get a few things? You would not believe how bad I look when going to the little farmstand down the street some days. One of my brothers always looks super put together when he heads out the door, especially for work (suits, ties, etc.) Often though he will run to the corner store in the middle of a project at home for a coffee, newspaper, etc and really looks like a bum.
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Yep! We look different with clothes on! I barely recognize people I work with when they are in street clothing.

So far as him approaching you to say "Hi", that is against our patient privacy laws here and we could actually lose our jobs if the patient were to report that they were approached outside of the clinical setting.

Now on the other hand if the person approached us first, that's different. Then we can chat with them.
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We have a really good relationship with the whole cardiac team - and I did almost literally run into him. I would have been very offended if he DIDN'T say hi

And Karen - that may be the case, but I'm still disappointed
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My old boss was so bad for that, if you saw him outside of work you would never believe who he was or what he did. I was a Walmart one day when I ran into one of our new receptionists, we were chatting and he walked by and said to me,
"Why aren't you at work"
Of coarse my response was "Why aren't you"
He just laughed and went on his way.

Carrie the girl I was talking to had the strangest look on her face...and asked me
"you know him"
I said "sure so do you that's Chris, our boss"
She was totally surprised because he was alway so put together at work..
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Steve ran into our old Dr at a chinese place and he was dressed nice.
Maybe your dr was doing work around his house or something.
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LOL! When I read this, all of could think of is exercising at my health club. Everybody is in exercise gear and they get sweaty. When we see each other dressed in street clothes with makeup on, you look at each other and think, "Wow! You clean up good!"

The persons in my aqua aerobics classes are the funniest. It took me weeks to recognize them not being in bathing suits, hats and glasses!
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My GI surgeon came in the store I work the other week. He was wearing an old tee shirt and jeans, though he honestly looks like the type who'd be more comfortable in that.'s a little unsettling seeing the person who cut you open and who may be sticking a camera down your throat in a month or two in everyday life. Luckily he didn't show up when I was working a morning shift and eating a cheeseburger. I already had my GP catch me eating fajitas a week after I was warned to be careful what I ate. All I need next is for my dentist to catching me drinking a soda and eating candy.

I see several of the nurses who have tended me in the hospital around town.... It's not that large of a town, so it's unavoidable.
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No it wouldn't bother me. You know how crazy I am about Paul Stanley, right. Well, one morning I was at the Deli I always go to, and Paul pulled up in junky old sweats, and baseball cap and came in to get some coffee. His eyes were all puffy from sleep, and well he generally looked kind of like a bum, a cute bum, but a bum non the less. I thought it was kind of cute to see him not as the star but as a regular guy.
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I had a similar thing happen to me a few years back. My car insurance agent had a really sexy voice over the phone. I mean REAL sexy.... I had never had a reason to go in to the office so I never met him. But I had a huge crush and figured he had to be a looker. Well, you can guess that one day I had to go in to the office and I met him. I was SOOOOO dissapointed. He was an older guy with not much hair and just not good looking at all. It just wasn't the same after that!
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This is such a funny thread!

Yesterday DH's police partner Kasey knocked on my door right as I was getting ready to leave for work. Now Kasey is over at my house almost daily, we hang out with him and his wife on their days off...I see him all the time. This is the person I jokingly call my "second husband" because he is literally at our house almost daily.

Anyways I guess he cought me off guard yesterday! He was wearing his farm clothes yesterday when he knocked on the door -it was his and DH's day off (he lives outside of the city and has a farm). I honestly didn't recognize him at first because I'm used to seeing him in his police uniform or other clothes he wears when we all go hang out...not his farm stuff. Anyways, so since I didn't recognize him I said, "can I help you" - then he just busted out laughing and told me I needed coffee Once I did a double take I realized it was him and let him in the house That was kind of funny to me though- I see the guy almost daily, and he eats dinner with us just about every single night of the week (he lives almost an hour out, so when I cook dinner for DH, they take their break together and come back to our house.) I just don't see how I could confuse him for a stranger In my defense it was early in the morning!
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I guess since I have this bad boy affliction anyway that wouldn't bother me much but then again I have it in my head that this doctor looked as if he had been work and since I have a thing for guys who work with their hands it wouldn't bother me. And Nikki your dh's police partner if I saw him in farm clothes I would fall out. People always have to look at me twice when they see me out of scrubs and all dressed up but its cool.
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