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cat "moulting" in the warm weather

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Well, the spring weather finally arrived, and I can tell because Sam's long winter coat is falling out by the handful.

He is not fond of the grooming process under the best of times, and this is just awful for him now. I bought a zoom groom, based on the recommendations here, and it does an amazing job, first of all just helping to clean up his soft undercoat. Then today I found that it just rakes out huge clumps of long winter fur.

So other than trying to bribe him with treats while I am grooming him, and putting up with a disgruntled cat during the spring weather, are there any smart ideas to help make this easier?

He does look pretty with his sleek summer coat.
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Hi Sammie!

For long hair kitties, from my past research, i understand it is advisable to use a greyhound comb -- see pix below.

This is a metallic comb, and it does not hurt or harm kitties. It has round ends, and works great with matting and detangling work.

Would you consider buying a grooming conditioner? i got Bio-groom and it is such a great product! It smells good, does not harm the kitties, and is a must have for grooming long hair kitties (in my eyes of course!!) Teehee! i got this from a cat show, it was recommended by a cat exhibitor who has been showing her cats for years.

The rakes-like brushes are great for undercoats. i use them gently on my babies. They feel like someone is licking their fur.

Oh well, hope i help a little.

Smiles and Cheers!
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I personally would recommend the zoom groom. Any brush or comb with metallic teeth are a bit rough on kitties with mats. I use also a revolving tine comb where as the comb is going through, they are rotating so the tines don't pull so badly. The more you brush, the more they will shed until all their winter coat is gone. I also use regular hairbrush with my longhairs, and two of my longhairs get lion shaves in the summertime just to keep them cooler.
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Thanks for the advice. I am very fortunate, in that although both cats are long haired, neither get matts. I also have never been brave enough to bathe them.

Sam has a very soft dense undercoat. and a sort of crimped top coat. I used to used a slicker brush which did some good, but the zoom groom seems to work better. And I did not know that brushing made it shed more. Does that mean that if I just persist, this will be over sooner?

I did notice that the lovely big mane over his shoulders is mostly gone, so the worst may be over. Hairy beasts, these cats.
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