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Dog Eating Fur?

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I know this isn't The Dog Site, but I don't know anywhere else to ask this!

My old dog, Sheba, a few days ago started eating fur. She and my other dog are blowing their summer coats now, so even when we vacuum every day, there is always a clump of fur or two on the floor. And she eats it! Whether it's hers or our other dog's, we don't know, but she eats it.

So I've been looking online, and I've seen two things that almost might fit, except for the fact that this was sudden! Trust us, there's no way she's been doing this for longer and we didn't notice.

Does any one have any idea why she would suddenly start to eat fur? She doesn't eat anything else odd. In fact, she's always been very, very picky about her food, and doesn't even eat half the cookies we offer her! Is this something we should bring her to a vet for? I mean, if she keeps doing it, we will anyway. Just wondering if anyone has ANY clues...

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I'd think a nutritional deficiency....what food are you feeding?
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Professional... Same food she's been on since she switched to senior food 6 years ago.

And yeah, nutritional deficiency is one of the two things I thought maybe! Thank you!!
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May I ask what the ingrediant s are in that food/.... ie just the first five

age of dog and when was last bloodwork done ??
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Oh, you guys may ask me anything!

First 5 ingredients:
chicken meal
cracked pearled barley
ground rice

Approximate age of dog: 14
Last blood work done: earlier this year... April?
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okay .. as dog age they often need more animal protein ...can you obtain a grain free food >>>?? or at least only a one grain food( ie california natural , natural choice , sensible choice )

what is the protein and fat level of this food??

the three grains used are HIGH in protein and the chicken as the first ingrediant is mostly water leading me to believe the protein is about 50% grain

if you can afford to please get another blood work
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This is what I could find, I hope it's what you mean:
Protein crude protein 26% minimum
Fat crude fat 10% minimum

I will check and see at my local pet stores if any of those are available! And yeah, we can afford the blood panel, so we will call the vet when they're open and make an appointment.

Thank you SO much for your insight!
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that is too low in fat IMHO ...
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Ok, higher fat and less grain, or one of one those you listed... That is first on our to do list for tomorrow!

Thank you!! I'll be really careful and look closely at all the foods available, and we'll get more blood work. Hopefully this will help her out. Thank you so much, in case I haven't said it enough!
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your very welcome
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