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Best Low Tracking Cat Litter?

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So I've been using Arm and Hammer clumping cat litter up until now and it works great except for the dustiness and tracking issues.

The tracking is starting to bother me since I'm noticing that its everywhere; the floors, my carpet, even on my bedsheets!

Is there a good clumping cat litter that has very little tracking?

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Well, I'm using Tidy Cats Scoop and I also find litter in my bed at times. So, I don't know the answer for you but I hope someone will respond with a good one for both of us to try!
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Mine get litter in the bed too.

But I use the super cheap, non clumping litter-if I paid more for litter, the quality of their food would have to go down, and that is not happening.
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Do you have all hard floors? We moved into our new house with all hardwood floors and litter was tracking everywhere. Saturday we bought an area rug for the room with the litter boxes (6x9 rug) and we've noticed a huge difference. We just bought a cheap one from Menard's ($25) since it was specifically for the cat box room.

We use Tidy Cats scoop or Special Kitty scoop for litter.
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1. Get a good litter mat....I love the petmate (blue) ones, they catch A LOT...

2. Put the box in a corner or another area that will somewhat contain the litter (maybe think about a giant carboard box, cut the sides down really low and sit the box in it.

3. What kind of box do you have? If it's open, look for a really high sided one...they could be kicking it out of the box.

As to litter....I think the Dr. Elsley's (sp?) clay clumping litter is pretty good...heavy, larger sized pieces, etc... I use WBCL and it is not really light weight, so doesn't fly everywhere...BUT it's corn and expensive.

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I use this one with litter mat, and we don't have litter all over the house nor on kitties paws:
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We keep a clean towel under the litterbox and then have this litter mat leading out of it:

we haven't had any trouble and we've been using the AH clumping litter.
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The BEST ever is called "Feline Pine" (original). Made of 100% recycled pine, all natural, doesn't track at all, and the best thing ever is that it prevents odor like nothing else.
On the top of it, $3.99 for a 20lb bag at target... Can't beat that!

This was the best advice I received from my friends before adopting my Kitty...
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