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I hope everyone continues to enjoy this site no matter what spam there is!
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I have avoided all of the "Spam - Get My Post Count Higher" threads as well. In my own opinion, I don't think a post count really matters. I've been a member for a loong time and have less than 600 posts. I see no problem with carrying on a conversation through a thread at all. It's excellent to see people chatting that way and to see our members getting to know eachother better. Although, I do think that random posts that literally say nothing but "Spam!" or "" or "spamspamspamspamspam" is rather annoying and pretty pointless.

Not only is it annoying, and pointless, but it can also be inconsiderate. Posting random threads like that - that carrying no specific meaning or thought utilizes bandwidth and diskspace for the forum infrastructure and if an upward trend of 'spam' continues over time it can also dominate resources that are specifically for a site dedicated to Cats ( not spam ). This would be costly for the users and for Anne who is generous enough to provide these resources to all of us ( hardware/bandwidth/upkeep costs increasing ).

So, while I, in no way, dislike any of the people who contribute to the spam threads. I, myself, make a point not to be a apart of it out of consideration for Anne, the site and the users.

The bottom line is that eventually all that spam costs MONEY.

** Please don't take offense to any of this, as this was not written to be offensive in any manner
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Since I can't decide wether I like the spam threads or not (I don't feel comfortable spamming to get my count up, although its tempting ), Having a big spam thread is probably the best idea!
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Here's my 2¢. I am not a fan of the spam threads, so I don't generally participate. The only real difficulty I see is that they tend to push other threads down or off the page. That's why I like the compromise of having one spam thread.
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I say NOTHING anymore about anything.

Spam threads are just fun JOKING things. No, post counts aren't a huge deal....that is what the POINT IS. If you don't like them...don't GO TO THEM.
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Oh Carrie, don't get all riled up about this! The people (including me) who don't like the spam threads don't visit them. And I certainly do see why you and others do like them.

My problem, the one that prompted me to start this question, was that there was a sudden proliferation of these types of threads one weekend, and it was very very difficult to find the substantive discussions. The more new threads that get started, the more older ones get pushed down the page, and on to subsequent pages. I am really pleased with this discussion, I am not suggesting that we do away with the spam threads, but I do see a lot of really good reasons that the spam be kept to a single thread. This is working, and I hope that nobody was at all offended by the discussion.
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Considering the fact that the "spam" dilemma has been now solved, with one consolidated thread, this one is now being locked. Any issues w/ the spam thread can be addressed to a moderator via PM at anytime!

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