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Monday DT

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My last week, before starting my new job and I am ready! After all of the excitement, with the babies and the cats going crazy, this morning, I need some peace and quiet.

All three cats have been wild! Even Opie has been getting into stuff. Buddy wedged himself under the monitor again, Rowdy decided to join him and pull a speaker off of the desk and then Opie tried to get under there, too. I got them all out and they decided to rampage through the house.

Rowdy got the cupboard under the bathroom sink open and dragged out a box of pantiliners. She left them on the floor and Buddy went after them.

Buddy joined Rowdy in the "Mommy, I'm starving" song-and-dance. I fed them at 6:00 and at 7:45 I had to put more food down. What a bunch of chowhounds!

Sam and the babies are due to go home today. I'll call, this afternoon, to see how everyone is doing. Mark is ging to stay down there, for the rest of the week. He has to come back up here, though and look for work. I hope that he and their counselor can convince Sam to move. She isn't making a decent wage and her mother is a total control freak. NOT a good situation.

Have a good one.
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I'm feeling a bit better today but I have this terrible sensitivty to smell today. No matter how much I shower and soap and wash everything around me I feel like everything around me reeks

Been working all day long and now I'm going to go to bed early. It's the eve of the Holocaust Memorial Day and I can't bear to watch tv - too depressing.

Good night everyone!
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Anne, I hope you get through the Holocaust Memorial Day OK tomorrow. It's such an important day but so sad as well, although there are some amazing and inspiring stories of survival from this time, too. I'll be thinking of you and taking some time to reflect on the awful tragedies that went on during the Holocaust.

Cindy, I hate it when the cats steal my private ladies business stuff! For weeks, I tried to hunt down a small 'feminine hygene product' that my babies had stolen. They thought it was the best toy and I was terrified that they'd bring it out of hiding when visitors were here!

I eventually found it - completely destroyed!
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I took a 3 hour nap today! The sweet kittens decide at 1:00 am they wanted to play!!!Ever try to sleep with 4, 7 week old kittens want to play!On your bed!!!!!!
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Tania, I'm glad you found it! I can imagine how you would have reacted if they had dragged it out when you had company! Cindy, I hope you find your panty liners soon! I'm beginning to realize why you prefer that Rowdy stay out of the bathroom.

I'm really itching to buy plants! The weather is not quite settled, but we are having more and more days in the 70's. Can eighty degrees be far behind? I love fuschias, and like to get several varieties, and start my own baskets. It's less expensive, and more enjoyable. Well, we will soon be able to sing, "June is bustin' out all over!"

Oh, by the way, Cindy, I dreamed that you were singing the Lord's Prayer at a wedding and I accompanied you. This was about a month ago. You had a nice high, small voice. How can we dream about people we have never seen in person? Well, I've seen pictures, but everything seems sensible when you're dreaming anyway!

Anne, I can imaginge that this would be a rough day for you, but it's an event we don't dare ever forget! God bless.
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Actually, Jeanie, I have a whiskey voice - much better suited to torch songs, than religious music.
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