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Its been awhile since i had my cat but my girlfriend of a year is allergic to her. IS there any way I can make her hypoallergenic? I feel bad every time she comes here and sneezes and so forth. I was hoping for suggestions or anything? If the relationship continues I want to keep both
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There's no way to make a cat hypoallergenic that I know of.

My husband is allergic to cats. I try to keep Harley out of our bedroom when I can (hubby works nights, so I keep her out during the day). I also try to keep my windows open, a fan on exhaust in the bedroom, and I vacuum twice a week to keep any hair or cat dander down. I also wipe her down with allergy wipes. My husband also has to take allergy meds; but we're thinking of trying something else because the Benadryl he takes isn't working so great. But thankfully he's not nearly as miserable with Harley as he is when he's around his mother's cat.
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Bathe the kitty as often as once a week. If you can get some Allerpet shampoo that is great, but any cat shampoo will help. This reduces the amount of dander the cat gets all over your house.

Vacuum a lot. Like everyday or close to it. Dust often too. Furniture should be vacuumed too. (If you really want to impress the girlfriend, get a home carpet cleaner and use it).

Get a HEPA filter for your place. These can be up to 200 bucks- but the most expensive ones are for very large areas. Smaller ones are cheaper. I got one when I lived in a cheap apartment with neighbors that smoked like chimneys. Worked great!

Good luck !
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Thanks for the advice! I am actually moving to a new condo where its all carpet so I know getting a new vacuum is really needed.

Any one ever get a hypoallergenic cat?
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