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Bakkers is licking off his fur??

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Bakker is always licking. Ever since I got him he not only licks himself but us as well as most people who pick him up.

However a couple of days ago when I was reading a book on the sofa he was laying in one of his usual positions on the back of the sofa. I notice there is no fur in a two inch section on both of his front legs about an inch up from his paws. I proceeded to look him over and noticed that he is also missing fur on spots on his back legs and his lower belly area is pretty much bare too.
I think his belly area fur has been thin for a long time as I always comment to him on his pink belly. He is a medium hair cat.

I don't notice and scabs, raw skin etc. I haven't changed cat food in a long time either or done any diet changes. Could fleas be doing this? I just gave him a flea treatment a couple of days ago but he still seems to be itching.

When I made an appt to take Bobs and Grizzlie in for shots I also am bringing him in too. (three cats at once, lots of fun!).

Any words of wisdom??

I tried the Elizabethean collar this morning but when I took it off there he was licking again-I really am noticing how much he grooms himself-its always alot, much more than the others.
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I know some cats do this because of an allergy. In the past with one of my cats we just used to say no and move his face from the area she was licking and it eventually stopped. I know some cats do it for the feeling, otherwise i dunno?
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I would think an allergy too. I know quite a few dogs that do this due to allergies to food products.
I also know a cat who has anxiety issues and over-grooms to the point where half her belly is bare, but I don't think this is the case with Bakker.
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Could be an allergy, I wouldn't think fleas this time of year....but it could also just be that he's obsessive compulsive.

My Molly licks her hair off around one nipple - just because.
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My cat is allways liking, to the point were she is red raw on her back, she has been to the vet and we don't know why. she isn't bad all the time, so must be allergic to something but don't know what.

We have her on Royal Cannon Sensible now as also has a sentive stomach and it seems to be better, so it could be food all the enviromment
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Well I'm taking in all three on the 19th (yikes) as the girls are due for shots so I'll see what the vet thinks.
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Billy was doing the same thing - I ended up getting him tested for a UTI because he was licking his lower belly bald. He's always been a licker, but nothing else was bald except his belly.

The UTI came back clean, so that wasn't the problem. Its hard to believe that its allergies when he hasn't had any problems before, and nothing in the house has changed before or after the problem - been feeding the same food since they got here.

So I don't know, I'm in the same situation you are. Though lately, it seems like his fur is growing back...the only thing I could place it to is that I just bought a new bag of cat food? Same brand, but maybe they changed something in the ingredient.....? Wish I had the old bag for comparison now.

Hope you figure out why Bakker is licking himself bald soon!
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