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First time Meowmie! Lots of questions.

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So i have had these kittens now for 4 weeks and i am really lost! I figured it was time to introduce a litter box so i have done that. Not sure if they are using it. They all watch their mom very intently when she goes though. Is there anything more i should do to make sure they are going in the box. i haven't found anything on the floor.

Now... what about feeding them? I am worried that FLower is NOT doing it. Everytime i pick them up they try to suckle my fingers or in Tulouse's case my nose or ears. I bought some Just Born kitten milk and tried to mix it with hard food and i got it on all their little noses and they all licked it clean but wouldn't come back to the bowl unless it was to walk through it. I don't really know what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My last problem is that I am worried that Flower is trying to hurt them. I watched her grab George and slam him on the floor and start biting and kicking him. Also when ever i shut the door and walk away from the room I hear the kittens let out a high pitched scream and i run back out there and she is laying on the floor like nothing happened while they stager away. People have been telling me she is teaching them to fight but she just seems so mean. She is a semi Feral. she has already bit me a few time. I am so ready to get her out of my house. This morning she attacked my Tubby cat. I was so ferious i grabed her and held her down as i yelled at her. I don't think it makes a differnece. and no matter what i try to do there is still fighting! I been trying to keep her locked in the room with the kittens but i can tell she is miserable. She has been free and able to run around outside for as long as i have known her (who knows how long before that)......

well i guess i started rambling. any help?

(I am at work atm so i will upload some new pics when i get home later)
those are the old pics.
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I am no expert, but I did just raise 8 kittens and what I did was feed the babies soft kitten food...they loved the Purina Pro Plan and then in your case, I would put them in the litter box right after eating time...eating stimulates their bowels. I also used Kitten Attract litter and all 8 were trained right from the start which was 3 days before they turned 4 weeks. I never once found a tootsie roll laying around or in their bed or blankets. I was so impressed. I just put them in it, moved their front paws to dig and the rest is history.
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I really don't know much about raising/potty training young kittens, but I have heard that you should not use a clumping litter when doing so.
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At 4 weeks, kittens have poor eye sight. They will not use the box unless they can see it. So, if you want them to start using the box, then put them in there after feeding time while rubbing their tummies gently. They maybe will have accidents, but they will get it. Be patient with them.

As for feeding... they can start to eat solid foods. I would recommend a soft kitten food, as their mouths and teeth are probably tiny. They'll catch on pretty quickly. If they are having trouble with the kitten food, maybe try some KMR 2nd step for a week or so.

I don't know about "teaching them to fight."

As for attacking your Tubby cat, mother cats are very protective of their young. If she felt that her litter was threatened, then it's natural for her to fend others off if they get too close. Grabbing her and holding her down and yelling at her is a poor solution, IMO. You probably have just scared her, and made her wary of you... again, have a little more patience with her. She's not used to being indoors, and she probably has had to fight other animals to get food to survive...

Anyhow, it's natural for her to want to spend some time away from her kittens since she's been with them for 4 weeks now. Can you let her have some time to herself in a different room? She probably just needs a break.
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Sending mega prayers and vibes out to the little Flower family & you Flower may have sore nipples, or at least a problem with the one that George feeds on, which would explain her "attacks".
I got a feral litter last year because their mom refused to feed them when they were about 1 month old - we caught her & it turned out that she had a severe infection in her mammary gland, poor thing After her spaying, she turned out to be a tame cat (or very grateful that her "mom" days were over )
Anyway, I fed the babies KMR stage 1 (the stage 2 can cause diarrhea in some kits, at least in my experience) and then softened Royal Canin BabyCat. At the very least, supplemental feeding will ensure the kittens get the nutrition they need.
Bless you for caring for that kitty family Please keep us posted Susan
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This morning i went out to feed them after i spent an hour trying to get the food to get mushy i take it out there and the kittens were eating outa moms bowl... so i think they got that figure out with out me. and all 3 kittens are using the litter box also with out my help. and ofcrouse here are the ADORABLE pics i promised! and links to the 2 videos! all these pictures were taken at about 4 weeks.


George again.


Fighting kittens!

More fighting!

George again! (I think I am keeping him.)

Another Marie Pic.

George....so adorable.

And Toulouse.

Also video links!
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