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vibes for my sister

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I was just informed that my sister has been diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse.....

She is very worried(as I would be too) she goes back to the cardiologist in 3 weeks, and she has been put on 2 different heart meds. She is only 35.

Just spare a vibe or 2 if you would please.

Thank you.
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Prayers for her.
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mega for your sister.
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MVP is common. Around half the population walks around with it and doesn't even know. A person is usually born with it. It's not life treating at all unless the prolapse is very bad or the valve is damaged. Chances are the cardiologist will tell her this.

There is something called mitral valve prolapse syndrome, it's also goes by the name of mitral valve dysautonomia. I know a bit about MVP/MVPS and even more about dysautonomia and the symptoms that come with both - I get them myself (from a different form of dysautonomia). If you have any questions, ask. I probably have good resources bookmarked already to refer you to if I can't answer the question off the top of my head.

If she has symptoms she probably has low blood volume. Fixing this can go a long way towards helping the other symptoms. If tachycardia is a problem, beta blockers help some but need to be used with caution (doc should know this). Other then that she should research.

But the most important thing for you to know is that MVP is not a serious heart problem. It certainly won't kill her.
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Lot's of vibes coming her way.

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I have it too, and unless hers is especially severe ( hoping it's not!), it shouldn't be a big problem. The main thing is to keep your weight down and stay in good physical condition (I've failed at both, but I'm working on it).

You also want to be extra-careful about infection with MVP... take antibiotics when you go to the dentist, etc. I hope her next visit to the cardiologist shows that her case is mild!
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Sending vibes for her
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Lots of prayers and for your sister.
I hope the cardiologist can give her a good action plan to keep everything under control.
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How scary for her, many vibes for her
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It's not that scary....
Oh, and catloverin_ks, I forgot to ask, are you planing to have yourself checked? There's a very good chance you or other members of the family have it, too.
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