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peeing on another cat

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Has anyone ever heard of this? My vet thinks it's as weird as I do, but chalked it up as "behavioral", which means that they don't need to worry about it any more. I, however, would like to figure out what caused the "behavior" so it doesn't happen again!

Here's the background:
1. Talisker is a 9-year-old male. He was a stud cat for a breeder until 3 years ago, when we adopted him. He was neutered at that time.
2. Islay is a 3-year-old female. She was spayed at the time we adopted her, when she was about 6 months old. (Incidentally, she's his daughter.) She is a skookum, which means that her legs are very short.
3. They're not super-close, but they do seem to get along, except that he frequently tries to mount her. This seems to distress her, and after some noise and scuffling, she runs away under some furniture, where he's too tall to follow her.
4. There have been no major changes (food or household arrangements) in at least the past month.
5. There have been no previous issues with urinating outside the litterbox. We use a Rubbermaid storage bin with a hole cut in the side as a litterbox, and we do sometimes find urine streaks at butt height.
6. Both are indoor-only cats, and have been their entire lives. Both have all their claws.

Here's what happened:
We were home after work for a few hours. The plumber was in the basement (the cats do not have access to the basement), and then he left and "the family" was all upstairs for a little while. Then we (the people) went out for about two hours, and came home to a house smelling of cat pee. We found pee on Islay's hindquarters (on the side of her hip, some on her tail and leg), and a line of pee about 3" long on the carpet under the dining-room table. We cleaned everything up, but now I am confused and distressed.

Since we didn't see it happen, I can't say whether it was peeing or spraying, but it seems that if Talisker was spraying it would have gone right over Islay, since she's so short. Also, if he was trying to mount her, he would have been in the right position to pee on her hip like that. I can't imagine how Islay could have physically managed to get herself wet like that, so I think it must have been him.

Any insights?
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The basement is part of the territory so even if the cats never saw the plumber they knew there was a trespasser so you can scratch out #4.
Oh and a cat can spray any direction it may choose even at low level.
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Trust your instincts, their was an intruder in the home and it sounds like Talisker felt the need to re establish his king-ship.
I don't know how much you knew about him before you took him in, but my guess would be being a stud cat can be a rough life. He probably didn't have free reign of a home, and after 6 years of breeding as his soul purpose, removing his ability to procreate may not change the behavior. I wish I had advice to help, but hopefully someone will
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