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It's not over until...

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Well! I spoke too soon about kitten season being over. A vet nurse from the nearby University Vet Hospital rang and now I have a 3-week-old little black boy. He drinks his formula like it's the last meal he's EVER going to get and as a result, wets like a racehorse! He's a real gutz! I'll post some pics here tomorrow when I get the webcam out. I've called him Liquorice as a nickname in keeping with the food theme.
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ohh I can't wait to see him!! I love all black kitties!!Congrats on your new kitty!!!
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Congrats on your new baby! I can't wait to see pic's!
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I'm so glad you have your baby! Bring up healthy and welthy
Love black - and have one, but she is female and she is 3 month old!
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LOL you guys - as cute and irresistable as he is, he's a foster-kitten and I'll be finding him a good home when he's 8 weeks old. He's the 21st kitten I've fostered this season.
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Your fosters are lucky little kitties Kumbulu! Congratz on the new foster and may you find him a happy and healthy home (when the time comes) .
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Thanks for the encouraging words Jamie. I'm convinced my fosters are the most spoilt in Western Australia what with their snugglekitty, heatpad, Uncle Milo, Aunty Popcorn, Aunty Coco, snuggles, cuddles, formula on demand, kitty-mummy on demand and, most important of all, SMOOOOCHES!
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Aww I can not wait to see pictures , he sounds like a dream :
Cool Name Theme
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Good for you!!!! Not too many people out there who would do the same. Very proud of you!!! And I LOVE the name. Can't wait to see the pics!!

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Pics of Liquorice here: I've also added some pics in the Vegemite folder. As usual, small web cam = not perfect pics. *saving up for a digital camera* Enjoy!
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She's gorgeous!!! What a little sweetie. And your other pictures are awesome too. What cutiepies!!! I love them all. You're doing a great job - good for you!!!
Thanks for showing us!!
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Very Cute , Thank You for sharing them
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Thanks Jan. I forgot to say, like most black cats, Liquorice has a few stray white hairs here and there and his eyebrows are white, too (don't think you can see them in the pics).
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Tania you are such a doll to provide this demanding and time-consuming task for these little ones! Bless you and your big heart. I get such a chuckle out of the names of these kitties.
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Thanks, guys. I must admit, it was a lovely surprise. I had already disinfected and packed up everything, ready for next kitten season! LOL
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What a little sweetie! I especially love the last picture... itty bitty tounge showing!
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Jenn, I agree, that's my favorite pic too. I'm in love with Licorice already! Can you just ship him over to the States???
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Of course! By the time he gets there he'll be 8 weeks and ready to go! I'll just send him with a giant bottle of formula to drink on the way, a bottom-wipey robot and, of course, snugglekitty!
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