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Question of the day Nov 8th.

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Today's question focuses on crafts and such.

Do you like crafting, and if so what are you favorite things to do?

I have a couple of things I like to do one is decorate picture frames. I somethings make them from precut wooden frames, or I will by cheaper frames and decorate those. I also like to do scrapbooks.
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I do, but I don't do much of it anymore, mostly because of finances and the ability to buy the supplies needed.

I love to cross stitch. I have a project that I've been working on for 8 years. I went heavy with it for about 2 years while I was working nights, but then I switched jobs and went off nights and my home lighting is not really conducive to doing cross stitch.

I also love to draw, but haven't done it in years.

Some other things that I enjoy doing:

Sewing (I'm itching to buy some material and start sewing again )
Card Making. I used to do it using litter, glue and markers, but lately do it on the computer.

Cake Decorating. Another thing that I let slide while off work largely because of money issues.

I also like to paint. I'm not very good at it, but I want to take a painting class.
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i make pom poms if that counts because the kittens love them, and its a great stress reliver when getting in from a bad day at work
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Scrapbooking and card making
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I like to craft when I have time. I love to scrapbook. I just finished one for my great-grandmother from her 90th surprise birthday party we had. This is going to be a surprise as well, and once I get it back from my parents, I'm going to mail it to her. I think she's going to love it!

I also like to cross-stitch. I have one that I've been working on for so long. The cross-stitching comes in spurts. I love to do it, and then it gets put on a break for awhile.
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I like to crochet, but am not one of those really talented people that can make a sweater or anything.
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Probably my favorite pastime, aside from surfing the net, lol!

Lets see......I love to

sew....not so much garments, although I have a program that will let me design the pattern for any basic outfit to my measurements, lol! I'd rather make "things" dolls, bunnies, bears, tissue box covers, vacuum cleaner covers and such.

quilt...actually, I think this comes in with sewing, because I love to make quilt tops, but I find the actual quilting of it to be quite tedious and time consuming...and I don't have a lot of spare time these days

build dollhouses from hoping one day to be able to design and build my own from scratch, but that will be a long time from now, I'm afraid

love to do counted cross stitch, paint (although its probably been 20 years since I picked up a paintbrush in earnest), make Christmas ornamants from name it, and I'll try it at least once!
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I like to scrapbook when I have time, but I'm always way behind. I still haven't finished the one of my wedding, and we just celebrated our fifth anniversary.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I used to do it using litter, glue and markers, but lately do it on the computer.
I'm really, reeeally hoping that you meant "glitter"!

I do simple sewing, rubberstamping/woodburning, some painting, (very) simple crocheting.
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I like doing most anything crafty! I'm not sure which is my favorite; I just do whatever strikes my fancy. I like everything from painting to rubber stamping, to sewing, to making things out of objects....and many more things.
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I LOVE crafting. In fact I am completely addicted to another forum called They are a great place to show off and learn new stuff! And also they do things called swaps that are just fun to participate in.

I love to customize stuff by decorating it with random things.
I also am starting to learn to sew and crochet. Although my sewing machine hates me.
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Most of the crafting stuff, I like to do is on the computer. Making photo calendars, magnets, photo collages, greeting cards, etc.
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I do like scrapbooking but I just like doing all sorts of crafts. I get the Martha Stewart craft of the day on email.
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I have a booth at a local antiques/craft mall, so I am constantly working on something (or at least I should be). Right now I have several different styles of "ornies" sewn together waiting to be painted & primmed. I have 3 Santa 'make-do' figures looking at me, waiting for me to hunt up the sheep's wool I use for their beards. I have a snowman pattern laying on the kitchen table. There are patterns and fabrics in the kitchen, dining room, living room, and back porch and I still don't have enough room!

I sew, I do wood working (bought my own scroll saw years ago), I paint, I stencil, make doll clothes & dollhouse furniture.

I used to pick up a counted cross-stitch project everytime I sat down, but my eyes have gotten to the point I can't do everything I'd like to---nothing smaller than 14 count, and no dark backgrounds.
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I used to love to make quilt tops (not so much the finish work though.) I haven't really done much quilting lately, as Cleo, Maggie & Lola refuse to leave the fabric alone when I'm trying to cut it! I do love to buy fabric and dream. I'm a living, breathing contender for the "She who dies with the most fabric wins" title.
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Well I taught myself how to knit in February and have knit a tons of scarves. I'm learning the purl stitch know and working on a scarf with both stitches.

Also all sorts of sewing projects, currently some pillows.

Have rubber stamp stuff but haven't done much with it lately.

I tear out interesting ideas in a variety of magazines and will "copy" them.

Going to try some felting projects however the next time I want to felt some sweaters I will go to laundrymat to wash as I clogged my own washer.

I made permanent leaves out of a special cement mix for indoor/outdoor use.

Some craft painting items.

Also welding....

You name it I've tried lots of stuff!!
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Not much of a crafter here, I rather lack the patience...and talent
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Absolutely!! I'm a florist, so yea, I definitely love stuff like that! I actually look foward to going to work at my new job because I get to design all day

Tonight I came home covered in glitter and dye (long story) but I was totally happy because got to spend the entire day making stuff for ChristmasIt's great! After I got off work I bought more stuff to take home and make for gifts and orders I need to fill

Aside from floral design- I LOVE LOVE LOVE to paint

I can crochet too....but ummm...I'm not good at it at all I tried to make my sister Kimmy a throw for Christmas a few yrs back, but the yarn winded up being soo much shorter than I though, that I was only able to make her a scarf I very interesting looking one at that (not in a good way) I definitely think it's cool when other people are talented enoguh to knit and crochet beautiful pieces!!! I need practice
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I love counted cross stitch also, but it's rather difficult with a cat in your lap. I've always wanted to water color, so sort of play when I have the chance. Someday I'd love to take a class.
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I'm a portrait artist (people & animals)but also like to keep busy in alot of other ways, so many other ways that it's hard to stay focused!
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I love to do crafts. I was so happy when they finally, got a Michael"s craft store in the city. I have made most of my Christmas ornaments, including the angel. I scrapbook, knit, crochet and love to sew. I also love to do cross stitch. I haven't done much in the last year because, I have something going on in my left arm. I am waiting to see a neurologist
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