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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Well it's a damp dreary day here in Central Ontario. A little on the chilly side as well.
Looks like a good day for just hanging around the house and relaxing, which is what I will most likely spend the day doing.

Still not feeling quite back to normal from being sick the other day. My stomach is fine but am still kind of tired out.

I have a couple of projects I have been planning on starting, a scrapbook and framing a some pictures I have had the frames for for a least 6 months so maybe I will start that today.
I put a chicken out of the freezer into the fridge last night so will be making something with that as well.

The kitties have all decided that the only logical coarse of action this morning is to head back to bed for a few hours. Lazy kitties.

Everyone have a great day
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Hmmm I agree with your kitties.

I must still be a little tired as I read your post as "Saturday! Where are your pants?"
Time for another, stronger cup of tea!

Today I have many plans, most of which go undone as I waste away another fine day on the Cat Site. Shame.
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Absolutely nothing!!!

I'm off for 4 days and I plan on using today to just rest my back which will include reading and lounging around for most of the day. Might watch some shows that I taped. Tomorrow I'll start puttering around: dishes, laundry, etc.
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Going to a KY Wildcats football game
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Not really anything. I have to clean the apartment, and workout. I also got to watch all the shows I DVR'd during the week. Other than that, relaxing!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
I must still be a little tired as I read your post as "Saturday! Where are your pants?"

I'm taking my sister to the hospital to get her pre-op testing done. She's having surgery on Wednesday and she's really, really nervous about it so she could use the moral support.

Then tonight we're going to see the movie my nephew produced and directed!!! It's a small indy film and it's playing here for one showing only as part of Chicago's gay and lesbian film festival. He's in town for the screening, and we have a few other family members coming in for it. We're all going out to dinner together then headed downtown for the 10 pm screening.
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Hahaha! Chicken...

Well, I was planning on sleeping for at least an hour later than this (its 9:45 here in Tennessee) but my bratty little sisters were fighting and woke me up from the weirdest dream I've had in a while.
SO I decided to come here and visit y'all! I love you guys!
Yeah so my grandparents invited me down for breakfast later. They always do it around 10 or 11'oclock in the morning 'cause they sleep in too. Then it takes a few hours to make enough biscuits (from scratch), bacon, eggs, gravy (also from scratch), (homegrown) tomatoes and sausage for themselves and their grandkids. My mom will probably come too. Maybe.
Yeah, I love breakfast at grandma's. I'm not fat at all but it sure does seem like it when I pile a plate of all that up to the ceiling! They make the bestest food ever! And its ALL homemade ALL the time. Its delicious but SO fattening.
Gosh, talking about it is making me want it! I'm still waiting for them to call so I can walk down. They're our neighbors... which sucks most of the time... but not when there's free breakfast involved!
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well this morning i went and taxed the car which im still raw about and ive had a lazy afternoon, just waiting fot blaine to come in so i ca do tea now
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Not a whole lot going on here. I'm in the middle o the aforementioned damp, dreary day and DH is actually working today so left really early. The fuzzballs crawled into bed wth me so we could all sleep in.

I tidied the house a bit and I'll be heading out to visit with my mom for lunch, then pick up a few groceries and be home for dinner. A friend of mine is DJing in TO tonight, so we may go down to se her if DH isn't too tired from work.
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It has been so damp and dreary here all day - now it's mid-afternoon and getting dark already. I feel as if it's hardly been light all day.

Hubby's Christmas pressie arrived yesterday - he's having a DSLR for Christmas, so I tested it out with a few photos in the garden this morning. It's working beautifully so can be packaged up now.

We're just listening to the football. I finished proof-reading a manuscript for my Son.

Tonight, we're walking into town for a drink and then off for a meal. It's about a two mile walk each way, so we get some good exercise too
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We are having a houseguest tonight, so I have to get the guest room ready; all the Halloween boxes are in there and need to be moved to the basement. I'll be making dinner, too, but something easy like a roast and salad.

Other than that, I hope to take it kind of easy this afternoon.
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I plan on crafting a lot today. I have 2 swaps that I'm due out on very soon so I need to get them finished!

I'm also puppy sitting for my dad and step dad so we will see how that goes.

Other than that I am relaxing a lot and just hanging out with friends
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It's in the lower seventies here today, a nice looking day. We're going out for a late lunch, then we're going Christmas shopping.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post

I'm taking my sister to the hospital to get her pre-op testing done. She's having surgery on Wednesday and she's really, really nervous about it so she could use the moral support..

for your sister.

I'm busy working website pages and trying to get the css working.

And I'm hoping to get some fun time in and not work all weekend. We'll see...
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It is actually a fall day here, dreary and I think that there is a chance of rain. I really hope it rains because we need it.

I have my salsa class today at noon. This is the first week that the class has gone from 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. I wasn't one of the ones who requested those extra 15 minutes. YsmarÃ:censor:, the instructor, is really good and you get a good workout but another 15 minute? I think I will need an afternoon nap.

DH and I are going out to dinner tonight at the same restaurant where we had the Bay Area Get Together. The restaurants in are area have sponsored a week of $30 3-course meal. It is a great deal.

Mom is 88 today, but we won't see her because she lives in The Catskills in NY.
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Went garage saling this morning, got some great deals, and some more dresses for my granddaughters x-mas dress up trunk. Now I get to clean, do laundry, & figure out what I am making for dinner. I guess I'll check what's for dinner thread before I get to work.
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Well you would think I could sleep in a bit as no alarm would be going off, but that didn't happen. So when I went outside to get the paper (at 5:45 am) it was snowing.

Yep, snow got about and inch but its pretty much gone as it warmed up to 41F.

Went to a craft show this morning and bought the two paper mache items I eyed up from this vendor at another sale back in September. Couldn't just leave like I planned though and ended up buying two bracelets, a necklace and a slide for chain. Spent about $150 more than expected.

Came home and we sanded the ceiling for over an hour-got 4/9 grids sanded and will finish up tomorrow. Hopefully without to much of a stiff neck.

No other plans for the rest of the day though.
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Nothing much going on around here - its cold, a high of about 37* today!
Slept in until about 10:30am and then went to the public library for the first time since I've lived here... for 4 years
It was wonderful, spent about 2 hours there, I loved it

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Well you would think I could sleep in a bit as no alarm would be going off, but that didn't happen. So when I went outside to get the paper (at 5:45 am) it was snowing.

Yep, snow got about and inch but its pretty much gone as it warmed up to 41F.
Good Grief! Is this what I should be expecting? You do realize that I will have to bring two sets of clothing? A mild winter here and a REAL winter in WI!

I got up at 5:30 to get ready to go to work. Left work at 10:45 and went to HEB and a german bakery. Ate lunch, watered the yard, and did some cleaning around the house.

Will make dinner early and try to relax rest of the day.
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I spent the morning at a breast cancer symposium for CEU's. There were several interesting, articulate speakers. It was very informative...I enjoyed it very much! I got home a little while ago, and took a short nap with the kitties (we had to be on the road at 6:15, because the symposium started at 7 am!) I'm going to go over to my parents house in a bit, and order pizza and watch the hockey game with them.
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It is really cold here. The high for today was 39 and I heard from a customer at work today that there were supposed to be snow showers tonight. Well it is defintely winter here now even though it was in the 70's at the beginning of the week. I worked today and am going to go take a nap soon. Later the hubby and I are going out for karaoke with some friends.
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I went to work all day. After work I bought some stuff to put together a table piece for an order I need to fill. After I got a few things for that I went to Home Depot to get stain samples for our kitchen cabinetry.

After I left home depot I went to Wendy's and got some dinner to go! I just finished eating dinner a little while ago. Now I'm planning out some more things for my SS! Tomorrow I'm planning to get a few things for my SS so that I can make them something
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