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Ear Infections

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My 7 year old cat has had ear infections or dirty ears all her life. Sometimes they are just real dirty with what looks like mites (but its not), and a real thick wet substance. Sometimes the vet does find yeast when doing an exam. She is now on Animax. Does anyone have any suggestions on what will help clear her ears up permanently. The vet says some cats are just prone to ear infections. Also - can someone help me with the vet bill. It seems awfully high to me.

physical exam 39.00
ear cytology 19.35
ear cleaning 25.00
animax ointment 28.00
TOTAL $111.35

reexam after 2 weeks 39.00
cytology 19.35
Ear cleaning 25.00
TOTAL 83.35

so it will be a total of 194.70 for an ear infection. Is this a reasonable amount?
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Just a commnt on the costs.....

I'm used to paying less for the re-check exam....you might want to inquire - were you overcharged or, is any examination billed equally?
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My SIL was having the same issues with her Goldendoodle until she put him on a raw diet. I don't know if that would help in your case, but it sure helped her.
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