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Please say a small prayer for Black Paws

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He tested positive for feline leukemia and he went to the Bridge at 11:00 this afternoon. He only knew one kind hand in his short life. The hand that drew the shot, was the kindest hand of all. Please say a small prayer for a small black and white wild kitty that was fiesty even to the very end. And say a prayer for my vet, who now has the wounds to prove it.
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Oh Hissy,

I don't know what to say. After all your hard work. He was very lucky to have you in his short life. I have always believed that things happen for a reason. He is at peace now. My goes out to you.

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Hissy, that is so sad
True, things happen for a reason, but sometimes its just so hard to fathom just What that reason is. Black Paws was very lucky that you rescued him, and took him to be helped.
Prayer said

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oh I hate to hear that!!!!! can I just say, this has been the worst day. this news is just par for the course.
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At least he had you tender loving care for a short while!
I'm saying a BIG prayer for him and you!
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i'm so sorry to hear of this unfortuate news, perhaps his purpose was
to be served in Heaven and not here with us on Earth. whatever the reason
may be, i'm sure he will be missed, but, i am also sure his life will continue on up there, at the Rainbow Bridge.

you are such a special person, hissy.
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I'm so sorry, Hissy. FeLuk is a terrible way to die. I hope you realize that you saved him alot of suffering. Now he can be a guardian angel looking after other feral kitties.
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Sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty - it is hard - we have all lost beloved pets - be happy for the time you guys had together. Linda
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Hissy, It is so hard to open your heart to one of God`s little creatures, no matter how briefly,and then have to let them go. You are wrong about one thing...Black Paws knew 2 kind hands in his life. Not just the vets, but also yours.
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I too am sorry to hear about Black Paws.
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I am so sorry - you and I know with rescue that we lose so many and it hurts each time. I have given two and three weeks to kittens and cats who have never known kindness until they come to me and I know they are going to die. My old Socrates came to me at 13 from the City streets - torn apart by a Pitt Bull and in kidney failure. For four weeks he ate four cans of cat food a day, got pets and love and a soft bed to curl up in. It was all I could do for an old black and white cat, but it was the best month of his life. I am sorry for Black Paws - but there is no more pain for this kitty now and it is because of you and your kindness. I hope you and I meet someday - I would like to give you a hug!
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