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Excellent timing (kinda gross)

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Hubby and I had decided to go out to dinner tonight. We had to shower first (we are both welders so we take evening showers). I stepped out of the shower and noticed a poo smell. I figured that someone had used the litterbox recently. I opened the door from the bathroom to the utility room (where the litterbox is) and was greeted with poo on the rubber mat (for collecting litter off kitty feet), poo on the linoleum, poo on the front of the washing machine, and poo on the bathroom door.

My girls have excellent litterbox habits normally so I was kinda freaked out. Just then, I saw Marcie running around all scared. I caught her behind the recliner and discovered poo hanging off of her backside connected by a long hair that hadn't completely passed. I am the only one in the house with long hair. Marcie had eaten one of my hairs...eeewww.

So I corral Marcie in the utility room where all of the poo is and proceed to clean up the mess (I haven't had a chance to get dressed yet). Then I have to crawl through the house looking for any other poo that might have got tracked out of the utility room.

After I was done, my hubby noted that all the lights were on and the blinds were open...great, maybe the neighborhood got an eyeful!

Marcie has the best timing, but in the end, it was my hair that caused the problem.
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I lol'd so hard at the "neighborhood got an eyeful!"
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Originally Posted by RaInBoW_TiC_tAc View Post
I lol'd so hard at the "neighborhood got an eyeful!"
Me, too

Poor Marcie, Im sure she feels better now, too.
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Don't be suprised if your neighbors look at you funny when you go out tomorrow!
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i have long hair too, so yea... Ive been there.
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I'm sure the neighbours appreciated the show!
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Same thing happened to my cat when I had guests over! She was zooming around the house with it hanging out hitting everything it could! It was a mess!
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Forgot to mention, my Bear does this too... he zooms around with his ears back-really looks like he is playing though, lol.

Poor hair eating kittys, they sure get themselves into some odd predicaments sometimes!
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OMG... The visuals I got from this were just too funny!
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That was a good story! I recently got a haircut because I was afraid of something like that happening!
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