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Tested positive for Tri Trichomonas Foetus! Advice please?

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Well, the vet and I have been watching our pouch tests and a few days ago they were SWARMING with organisms! They look just like the video on Dr. Gookin's website and I am glad to know what is causing the diarrhea in my kitties. My vet is very excited that we found the cause and she is also really excited to find the organisms. She has shown the test and the results and explained my kitties case to every vet in town. So I hope a lot of other kitties are helped in the future by the people in this town knowing about Tri-trych.

I have found a local pharmacy that can compound Ronidazole. They are about an hour away from here, which was the best I could do. I don't know how much it is going to cost, because we need an exact weight of my kitties before we can tell them what dose we need and they can give us a price.

I am taking the babies to the vet to be weighed and checked over before we give them this drug, since it can have nasty side effects and I have to be really careful to watch for them.

Does anyone have any advice for me? What should I watch for when administering Ronidazole? What should I do if they exhibit signs of toxicity? What should I do to keep them from getting it again? Clean the litterbox how often, etc?

Please tell me about your experience if you have any. Thank you so much!
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I am so happy you tested for Tritrich. My cats also have it. One thing that would be very helpful is if your vet would contact Dr. Jody Gookin and get information on treating the TF. She can also give her a heads up on what to watch for. Dr. Gookin changed the treatment protocol just in March this year for Ronidazole. Her website will give you the amount 30mg/ml I think is how it is ONCE a day not twice. Her website info was co-authored by Dave of Highgait paws, he is very helpful. The e-mail is dave@highgait.com. My vet contacted Dr. Gookin several times for help, she is very responsive to vets who call for help. It is very important to stop the treatment if you see any of the reactions that may occur with Ronidazole (RDZ) so please get all the info you can before treating. The meds are not real expensive and Dr. Gookin had us get them from Road Runner pharmacy, they shipped it quicky and they are very familiar with the proper compounding. Good luck to you and your fur baby.
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Sorry, I tried to edit to add some info and it didn't work. Dr. Gookin had us get two, or more, litterboxes and clean and rotate them daily. We disinfected with 1-10 clorox and let the box dry out. TF is actually fragile.. You can pm me if you want more info, I would be glad to help if I can.
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