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Bet this is a first for TheCatSite...

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So... my grandma called today and told me to "come look at her chicken!"
I was like "wt-?" Never thought I'd hear that from my grandma.
So anyways... I went to her house on the way to a football game (I actually didn't go to the game 'cause my sister made me SO mad and I wasn't going anywhere with her) and a little chicken had roosted herself up in this HUGE fir tree on the side of my grandparents house. It was black with a brown head and really small. My grandpa said it was full grown though. I'm not sure what kind of chickie it is but she's cute. Can't get any pics cause its too dark and I don't have a camera. But yeah, just thought I'd share....
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Um, if your grandparents invite you to a chicken dinner...
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You have no clue how hilarious that is! They would so do something like that! They two ol' country bumpkins. My grandpa actually invited me down for breakfast in the morning so if they make chicken I'll know not to eat it!
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I wonder if it's a Bantam? Chickens make good pets.
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Yeah my grandpa said that what it is! I just wasn't sure how to spell it.
Yeah, I've heard they make good pets... but they smell so bad!
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Aww how cute! Too bad you can't get
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I know. DX
I hope she's still there in the morning. I'll take a camera and try to get pics if she is. I have pics of Trixie I need to figure out how to get up too!
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They should name it Nugget, like Chicken Nugget
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That would be hilarious! I love chicken.
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Yep, sounds like a bantam to me. We had 5 bantams; we now have three big chickens. They don't have to smell bad - we scoop our girls' henhouse everyday and it smells gorgeous in there - it has a lovely perfume of woodshavings and straw.

I hope that she finds her way back home soon - you can bet that somebody is missing her
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Yeah we have absolutely no idea where she came from. She was just walking around in their yard then roosted up in their tree. If she's still there I'll try to convince my grandparents to keep her. They have a small gated area that we put our bikes in from when we were living with them but other than that its empty. They could probably fix something up for her!
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I'll bet your grandparents pronounced "bantam" like "bantie."

Those little chickens have a reputation for having a big opinion of themselves, but they're a lot of fun.
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Turns out its a little rooster. He's STILL there, even though they haven't put him in a cage or anything. I like him! But I fear the neighbor's dogs will get to him soon.
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It would be best to collect the chicken. They can always ask around or put up fliers.

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
I'll bet your grandparents pronounced "bantam" like "bantie."
There's another way to pronounce it? But then again... look at my location.

My MIL would really like to have some bantams. If she ever talks my FIL into it I'd probably help her out getting things set up. While I wouldn't mind having some myself, my yard isn't nearly large enough and I've already spotted the neighborhood fox.
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