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inappropriate biting behavior

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My little guy Cheeto (or orangey as I affectionately call him) is a special lil cat. He's a DMH, neutered, and about a year old. He is very needy and loves being around me ALL the time, which is fine because I love having a furry companion.

The problem is that he can be too needy and recently he has started biting me to get attention. Other times he has just tapped his paw on me and I reward him with attention. But, today is the first time this has been a major problem rather than an irritation. I was sleeping at 6am and he came into my room and started biting me (play bite, not hard) quite often because he wanted to be fed.

It's irritating and I don't want to reinforce it but he's such a sweetie most of the time. So, any tips?
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Is he alone a lot? You could get him a playmate. Also, you could have playtime, feathers, lasers, all sorts of toys you can play together. Also, softly blowing on his nose and saying, "no," might help.
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I will have to try the nose blowing technique! I doubt he would like that very much.

I also have another cat (female) who is gentle and loving. However, Cheeto doesn't get along with her and is always picking fights with her. I could make a whole thread on that!
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I'm not sure how to help you but I can relate! My 11 week old kitty, Trixie, loves to bite. She'd much rather play with my toes than the cat toys we bought her. She actually woke me up a little after four Wednesday morning biting my toes HARD! I wasn't sure what it was so it was instinct to kick. She landed a few feet from my bed and I gave her a butt load of TLC and kisses before we went back to sleep again.
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