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Yet another food question

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Does anyone know of a cat food that doesn't contain any fish?
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whiskers do a mixed one a fish only and a poultry and game only, or Iams do to or you not in the UK but in the US
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thank you aj.

i should have been more specific. I'm looking for an all natural food.
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Dry or wet? Also, about how much do you want to spend? You might also want to think about what the stores in your area carry...

I think nutro natural choice is a deacent dry food...no fish, no "by products", etc. and it's pretty much available everywhere.

I'm feeding nutro Max cat adult chicken/rice dry now....it does not have fish...and is supposedly good for UTI-prone kitties. It is a little cheaper than the natural choice.

California Natural has a chicken and rice dry that is good also...slightly better ingredients than the nutro (but still has grains). It is more expensive though.

Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul has a dry that I don't *think* has fish...but I haven't read their ingredients in a while, so I'm not sure.

natural balance has a "duck and green pea" limited ingredient dry that is good also....not sure if their regular dry has fish or not.

As for wet...you just have to read the label...

If you have a petsmart near you, their store brand "authority" has canned food...very good price. BUT I think the only flavor without fish is the "lamb and rice".

Natura (the same company that makes cal. natural) makes a line of grain free cans called "EVO". I feed the 95% meat cans...None of which have fish (beef, chicken & turkey, vinnison, duck, and rabbit).

Also By Nature makes a line of 95% meat cans...the beef, chicken, and turkey flavors have no fish.

I think wellness makes some cans without fish as well.

My best advice would be to go to a site online like www.petfooddirect.com and browse the cat foods. Check out the listed ingredients and then go visit the official website of the foods that interest you. Many times the company's official sites will have a "store locator" option, so you can see if someone locally carrys it.

*EDIT* Forgot to add that the one type of friskies wet food I've found without fish is their "mixed grill"...It also comes in 13 oz cans, so is very cheap.
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