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Cat getting spayed - Any ways to comfort her after?

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Amy is approx 1.5 years and came from a shelter. I had her spayed as soon as I could. She's 7lbs.

I was wondering I there is anything I can do to help her when once she gets back home.

I just off to work and I'll see her as soon as I get back home tonight.

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It's not that big a deal.

She'll be groggy from the anasthesia for a while, probably kind of out of it and sleepy for the first day, then she'll start perking up.

Just follow the vets instructions. I can't remember if they wanted me to clean the stitches area with hydrogen peroxide or anything. If they do, then I have had very good success with a small, fine mist spray bottle (like a bottle size of eyeglass cleaner) with the hydrogen peroxide mix in the sprayer. You can get in and apply some quickly without having to dab around with a q-tip.
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I generally leave mine alone to rest. I would go over and say quiet hello's once in a while but I felt they would come to me when the were feeling better and wanted some cuddles. Keep her out of drafts if you have any in your house. Keep the house as quiet as you can, no loud music or tv etc.

Just general stuff anyone recuperating would appreciate. Quiet and gentleness.
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thank you both so much!

i missed amy and was quite depressed. its great to have her back.

she's walking really slow and seems sleepy. i bet she needs it. and she's switching positions shaking often so i think she's in some amount of pain.

i made her a little ramp to get up on my bed easy. and i'm just gonna be beside her. i'm hoping she gets a good sleep.

thanx again
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You sound like you are so sweet. Making a ramp for your little kitty.

Being a female and knowing what the hormones are like I gotta tell you if I could get "spayed" I would. The long term benefits far outweigh the temporary surgery and recovery time.

My sister had a cat that didn't get spayed right away and it was horrible watching her go through her first heat. It looked painful and horrible. I can't even explain how bad I felt for this poor kitty.

Wishing your kitty a fast recovery
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