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Hi everyone

I have a question. First, my cat is sick, he was vomiting for two days. I taught it was the food EVO so I stared replacing the food with Solid Gold, he was eating. I took him to the vet on Saturday, his vet didn’t work that day so another vet send us home with Clavamox and Famotidine. Now, besides vomiting he was having diarrhea, and stop eating. On Monday Oct 27, I took him to the vet, his vet, after a poop examination, she said he has Giardia and we were send home with 3 Cap Fenbendazole and 10 Cap Metromidazole. And I was told to clean clean clean.

He is done with the medication, no vomiting for 4 days now but he still has diarrhea, and I been forcing him to eat. I place food on the back of him mouth. My brother told me that since Wednesday, every time he eats something he looks at him. Last night he took a chicken bone out of the kitchen garbage, he doesn’t do that. I put some of his food on his plate he smell it and walked way. I felt so bad. I bought some baby chicken food, and he ate some of that. My question, if he is hungry why is he not eating his food?