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The Daily Thread Friday November 7th-TGIF!!

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Hello Everyone,

The day is starting out sunny and temp is about 43.5F. Unfortunately thats going to be the high of the day as the storm front from the west will be moving into Wisconsin later in the day. Snow/rain predicted off and on until Monday.

We are done with the installation phase of the family room ceiling.
So today I can continue carrying tools out and back into garage! Except of miter saw as I can't lift that. I will get some order back in room then the caulking and spackling and final sanding to occur this weekend before I can start painting next week!!

I would like to work outside a bit today before the weather turns icky.
I just have to get motivated!! Have some meat to divide and freeze too.

Bakker is laying on the sofa by me and I think the girlies are up on the bed.

Have a good Friday!!
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I think its going to be a loooong day here.....I got all of about 3 hrs of sleep last night, just couldn't rest for some reason. Its raining (hopefully not all day), and we have a wedding to cater tonight....thank God they're using plastic plates, forks and cups instead of the glass ones, 'cuz i don't feel like lifting and tugging and carrying the heavy boxes in the rain! On the menu tonight?

Strictly finger foods

White Brides cake, with white roses
Chocolate grooms cake, basket-weave chocolate iced, topped with fresh strawberries
Sweet and sour meatballs
Sausage balls
Chicken salad and ham & cheese croissants
mini pigs in blankets
Chicken nuggets (usually do our own, but since the bride is the neice of our local Chick-fil-a owner, she's donating the nuggets and sauce...yay!)
Veggie tray with onion and ranch dip
Watermelon basket w/mixed fruit
and my favorite.....the chocolate fountain, with marshmallows, pretzels and fresh strawberries for dipping!

Wedding is at 6, we are scheduled to be there at 3 to set up.....its 8:30 and I'm already tired, lol! I just got a new camera phone, if I can get decent pics and get them uploaded, I'll try to share tomorrow!
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Morning All!!!

Looks like it is going to be another nice day here. Sunny and 9C right now anyway.

Still not feeling that great but certainly better then yesterday. So guess I will just spend the day puttering around the house and taking it easy.

The kitties are good this morning, Linus and Pixie are being sill and Sassy is sitting on the top of the fridge giving them the evil eye. I don't think he's to impress with them since they woke him up a few minutes ago.

Everyone have a great days.
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